Justin Bieber is selling the rights to his songs for $200 million

Justin Bieber is selling the rights to his songs for $200 million

justin bieber sold all of its music catalog at Hipgnosis Songs Capital. And according to AFP, this transaction brought him the tidy sum of 200 million dollars. The company now owns 100% of the rights to its masters and related rights.

The contract covers the star’s 290 tracks released before December 31, 2021 – from his debut album My world to the latest Justice. An acquisition that therefore includes its tubes Baby and Pardon.

Record contract

More and more artists are giving away their musical catalog for a large sum of money, and several have concluded agreements with Hipgnosis Songs Capital. Justin Bieber joins fellow Justin Timberlake, ShakiraLeonard Cohen, Nile Rodgers or even Neil Young and Nelly Furtado.

After signing the deal, Founder and CEO Merck Mercuriadis said songs can be “more valuable than gold or oil.” He added with great pride that “Justin Bieber’s impact on world culture over the past 14 years has been truly remarkable.”

Proof that he really believes in it, the catalog of the 28-year-old Canadian artist is the most important acquisition for Hipgnosis Songs Capital. Moreover, it is the largest sum of money paid to hold the musical rights of an artist of Justin Bieber’s generation.

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