Kamila reacts to criticism from Internet users

Kamila reacts to criticism from Internet users

It’s now been several weeks since the iconic reality TV contestants competed in The Fifty for their subscribers. They are now only thirteen in competition and all shots are allowed to try to reach the final. However, some players’ strategies are not to everyone’s liking. Like that of Vivian Grimigni, who showed himself without scruple to keep his place in the adventure or even Maeva Ghennam, who immediately imposed herself as the leader of her alliance.

Maeva Ghennam @Instagram
Maeva Ghennam @Instagram

What earned him some criticism, to which she hastened to answer as soon as the shooting was over. Some accuse her of having cheated during the last test in the arena and of being protected by the production.

Here is Maeva’s famous cheat passage on tomorrow’s episode! But it’s really disgusting! She clearly removes her blindfold and watches. The production, you don’t even hide your favoritism and your cheating? I am downright outraged.

was indignant this twittos on the famous social network.

A losing comeback?

During the first elimination ceremony, many noticed that the calculations weren’t right. This allowed Maeva to continue the adventure. And while Noré and Kamila were on the bench risking their place in the last episode, the latter have clearly shown their resentment towards some of their little comrades. What did not fail to annoy viewers:

Kamila and Noré, I have never seen such a catastrophic return, they are detestable. They killed all their good image, they should never have come back.

They were already horrible in Secret Story, seriously ungrateful and bad with Charlène and Benoît.

We could read on Twitter.

Maeva Ghennam @Instagram
Kamila and Noré @Instagram

Kamila defends herself: “We did nothing wrong”

Very active on social networks, Kamila quickly caught wind of derogatory tweets to which she was quick to respond. It is via a long text that the mother of Kenan and Adria wanted to react:

But it’s such a shame to mix everything up! If only it was a show, style Angels or other, and that it speaks of wickedness, relentlessness, etc., it can be heard.

Wrote the Marseillaise in a Snapchat story. And to continue:

And myself, I could never have been against anyone. But in a game, fuck, that’s the point! I left my family life, my children, my business, my routine, my environment with you (…) to go sunbathe in the garden of a castle and make new friends? But never in life!

Launched in her statements, Kamila recalled that “it was a game” and that it could sometimes happen to her to lose patience. Like everyone :

Fortunately some understood that it was a game. We haven’t done anything wrong since the beginning of this game, and I take it for everyone! I don’t see who I saw harm, yes I’m sanguine, I sometimes get angry. Sometimes we freak out faster than others, but that’s not real life, what…

Kamila then justified herself: “You have to understand that without an alliance, you don’t get far in the game. (…) You don’t make the distinction between real life and the game,” she said. , before ensuring that the shooting had given rise to no grudge:

Unfortunately, some things are cut. (…) We get on well with everyone, we are not at war with anyone!

Maeva Ghennam @Instagram
Screenshot @ WhatsApp

Moreover, according to rumors, the couple should make their return in the next cross of Marseilles.

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