Kelly Helard (Moms and Celebs) opens up about the illness that’s holding back her weight loss

Kelly Helard (Moms and Celebs) opens up about the illness that’s holding back her weight loss

A few weeks after announcing that she had been hiding an illness from which she had been suffering for several years, Kelly Helard (of mom and celebrity) opened up about it on her Instagram story after receiving the findings from her doctor.

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Like Vincent Shogun or Hillary, Kelly Helard was discovered in Les Ch’tis 2011. This was followed by his participation in reality tv angels. Although she was one of the first emblematic candidates, she retired from the industry for several years. L’ex de Christopher there was even a time turned into adult films. A career she ended when she became a mother. Then she returned to the screens in Moundir and the apprentice adventurers with his companion Neymar, whom she recently married. After going through several complicated periods, they gave themselves a chance and a second baby came to increase the family that shares its everyday life on screens in Moms and celebrities. In addition, he talks about his family life, but also your physical transformation, through your social networks.

Lipedema and lymphedema

If Kelly Helard is a fulfilled wife and mother, there is an evil that mars her everyday life. If she managed to lose a lot of weight, a young woman struggles to get rid of certain fat parts of her body. The user then suggested to him: “Ask an angiologist who is familiar with the disease and can diagnose it for you. This would explain the shape of your arms and legs that is typical of the disease, as well as weight loss that is difficult, even impossible, when suffering from lipedema.” A few weeks later, the verdict came down on Friday, January 20. Indeed, Kelly Hélard shared the medical results explaining that she suffered from lymphedema and lipedema. “Well, soon a new chapter that will open with a new fight”, she announced in her Instagram story.

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A disease that makes it difficult to lose weight

If it does not prevent him from living normally, this evil remains something that disables him. “I talked about it in my book and yes, I suffer from it. But in France we are poorly informed. It’s not difficult, but it’s annoying, because I’m in the gym from Monday to Friday, I watch my diet and lose weight, but slower than usual. I don’t despair I’ve already lost 30 kilos”, said Kelly Hélard. What’s more, the mother of two vowed to share more with her community to highlight this still-too-little-known syndrome. No doubt this will help people in the same situation as her.

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