Kendji Girac makes a big decision to protect the woman of his life! – Tuxboard

Kendji Girac makes a big decision to protect the woman of his life! – Tuxboard

Kendji Girac cares about his daughter as the apple of his eye. The singer confided in the thing that he does not want to subject Eva Alba.

The life of Kendji Girac has changed completely becoming the father of her first child. The singer thus confided in the things he didn’t want to do to his little Eva Alba.

Kendji Girac more adult since becoming a dad

On January 26, 2021, Kendji Girac gave birth to her first childa little Alba, the fruit of his love affair with his longtime girlfriend. On Monday, September 5, 2022, the star of The Voice was invited to the Daily set to talk about the TV movie Champions, where he plays the leading role.

The singer of the French scene took the opportunity to express himself on his new life, which he now shares with his baby. A new life that he combines as best he can.

Kendji Girac confided in the many changes What did the birth of his daughter bring? “It changed my way of thinking. I feel much more adult. And I now want to do the best things possible. To build the family life that I have today“, he confided to Yann Barthès.

And to add: “I feel less young as before when I felt a bit young. Now I feel like a real dad”he added, moved by speaking of his daughter whose identity he wishes to preserve. “That kind of changed me a bit. I’m happy with the person I’m becoming.”he concluded.

His daughter, the singer is like the apple of his eye. The star revealed in The Voice told to Yann Barthès and his columnists He had lots of plans for her.

“She is already going to nursery, and why not continue immediately with a bilingual or trilingual school? That way, she can manage wherever she goes. My only goal is to leave my daughter enough to live a good lifehe said live on TMC.

The singer wants to protect his daughter from the media

If he dreams that his daughter is sensitive to music, just like him, Kendji Girac does not want to rush things. So, while waiting to see her grow up, the singer ensures the rear of his child.

In his fifth album, The school of lifethe singer has dedicated a song to his daughter Eva. She will turn two years old on January 26.. “I wanted to leave a small trace as long as she is a baby. I wanted to capture that and give him that gift at the same time. She’ll understand it later.”he had declared in the columns of Télé Star.

Papa hen for his child, Kendji Girac says he is ready to do anything to preserve his child social networks. If his daughter is not yet in school, he wants his daughter to have the best education.

“I am everything at the same time: hen dad, protective dad, loving dad. And so I’m all about education. I teach him to do things, but not nonsense,” he confided to Télé Star. Her dearest wish: “Let her go to the best schools to become an independent woman”. A dream that will therefore become reality, provided that she wants it.

For now, his fight remains the preservation of his identity. “I don’t want to put it in the media. I want her to learn precisely the same school of life as me. Not the gimmicks of social media”did he declare.

And add to the subject of the piece that Kendji Girac wrote for her : This song is a gift for my daughter. And for all the dads in the world. But I’m not going to overexpose it.” he concluded. A constant fight.

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