Kevin Durant cashes LeBron James’ place in the GOAT debate!

Kevin Durant cashes LeBron James’ place in the GOAT debate!

LeBron James’ number one rival for many years, Kevin Durant has a very special relationship with the Lakers leader. On the sidelines of a visit to Los Angeles with the Nets, he also put the King on his GOAT list!

Despite his team’s comeback defeat after winning four of their last five games, he could have smiles after the match. Staying in Los Angeles for a few days, Kevin Durant found a certain Russell Westbrook’s Lakers there this Sunday. former teammates, the two had an argument on the floor, in the absence of another big star.

Kevin Durant cryptic about LeBron James and the GOAT

As this clash between contenders approaches in a disappointing start to the season, the number is worrying Kevin Durant etc LeBron James shocked fans. Long regarded as the league leaders, the latter have not faced each other since… Christmas 2018! The streak that therefore continued this Sunday, and to which KD returned with a short message about the fight for GOAT status:

To be honest, I hadn’t even thought about it before you mentioned it. He is obviously one of the 2-3 best players in history, for whom there is always excitement when he steps on the floor. We’ve been in the league for so long, and people have seen so many battles at the highest level between us, they can’t wait to see more. And it’s great that we’re still so into the game in our advanced years!

If he tries to stay evasive enough, Durantula therefore makes LeBron the second, even third best player of all time, otherwise he would qualify him as the GOAT outright. In any case, he was apparently unaware of his absence from this match, despite their frequent discussions:

No, I haven’t talked to him in a while. We text each other from time to time, but I didn’t talk to him tonight.

And if he appreciates the meeting with his historical rival on the field, Vitki kocas admits that he was delighted by his withdrawal… which, unfortunately for him, did not have a positive effect on the outcome of the match:

They played well without him tonight, but usually he comes first. We need wins at the moment so the fact that he is not available for this game should make it easier for us. But they played really well tonight.

Despite the unavailability of LeBron James, Kevin Durant spoke extensively about the Lakers’ leader at the press conference, even including him in the Top 3 of all time. An output that should make your target react, privately or publicly!

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