Kevin Tran publishes The Art of Making Things Happen

Kevin Tran publishes The Art of Making Things Happen

Kevin Tran recalls his videos created 10 years ago on Youtube, and the first one was called Asians. He has published many videos over the decades, and to thank his community, he is releasing a special project: his book The art of getting things done.

Kevin Tran has met his community over the last few years: Paris Manga 2014, Video City 2015, in Nîmes 2016, Polymanga in Switzerland 2019… These meetings for dedications or conventions have enriched the videographer and the Author.
During these meetings, several members of his community questioned him about how to carry out their projects and showed their fear of failure. Often the environment does not support a project or a dream, and Kevin Tran answers these questions in his book to find sources of motivation. The YouTuber invites you to dare The art of getting things done jump into the water and try not to regret it.
Kevin Tran recalls that at first no one believed in his YouTube video project. For 10 years he had the opportunity to succeed in this passion. Kevin Tran reveals himself in his book and how he dared to try his passion of making videos online. He draws on life experiences to portray his successes and failures with humor.

With this book, Kevin Tran wants everyone to be able to think and come to their own conclusion.
The YouTuber started making videos with his brother Henry in his bedroom. The latter had trouble focusing and avoided having an accent, not denying his origins. Kevin Tran also reflects on his career, such as publishing his manga or making cartoons with a team of 30 people.
Although Kevin Tran has 3 YouTube channels in 3 different languages, in the book he returns to the gray areas The art of getting things done. Doubts, fears, failures… these are all questions that can arise in connection with the creation of a project.
There are anecdotes and stories about his life before YouTube and the adventures that led him to become the influencer he is today. We can easily find ourselves on some of these stories.

The book has 18 chapters in 3 parts (First Steps; Say Less, Do More; Grow and Last). The 240 pages are easy to read and filled with anecdotes.
The model is pleasant and airy, and it is also decorated with a photo.
Guide compasses show important ideas.

Kevin Tran co-wrote this book with former journalist Djénane Kareh-Tager, who wrote more than 50 books in her lifetime.
Writing began in 2021. Dedications are planned.

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