Knowing Lyon – Literature – Our pick of 10 beach books by Stphane Duchne Petit Bulletin Lyon

Knowing Lyon – Literature – Our pick of 10 beach books by Stphane Duchne Petit Bulletin Lyon

Literature / It’s good to work on your melanoma, it’s better to do it while reading. This summer, you will not be alone on the beach, but you will bring Cline, Oppenheimer, Diepe, the cult screenwriter, Lyon, dream teamer or Marc Van Basten, among others.

Guerre by Louis-Ferdinand Cline (Gallimard)

We can think what we will about these editorial endeavors consisting of digging up the unfinished manuscripts of not so long ago literary stars with famous seventy five pages They stop and see only cynicism and appetite for profit. But let’s not forget that without such initiatives, which are sometimes carried out against the author’s will, we would never have met Kafka, thanks to Max Brod. And that very often works rescued from oblivion have a significant historical interest when they are not a literary treat. That is indeed the case with this scrupulous edition Guerresigned Cline, one of his critics Journey to the edge of the night this is a new Great War story featuring poor Ferdinand: badly wounded, he finds himself wandering the battlefields before being hospitalized and evacuated to England, with the existential adventures and reflections that go along with it. This is the first draft reworked by the editor, but we find there the ardor and language of an author so inventive and moving that the last paragraph is worth a turn. Inevitable.

live fast by Brigitte Giraud (Flammarion)

It is about reading for the very end of summer, because the thing comes out on August 24 with the return of the round of stamped editions to literature. But the new Brigitte Giraud did not wait. Especially since live fast is a pure blockage of emotions. More than twenty years later Percentagewhere she already started this painful topic, the author returns to the death of her companion in a motorcycle accident in 1999, the purchase of their house, a gigantic And yes… which carries the weight of conjuring coincidence as much as guilt. There is something that never ceases to strike when reading Brigitte Giraud, it is this sense of purity, this absolute accuracy of words and tone, this way of hitting the heart without adding, this jeweler’s precision, this way of dissecting the soul with great gentleness, live fast is a strong condense.

Something to tell you by Carole Fives (Gallimard)

Elsa Feuillet (note the name) is a young writer who, like all authors, ultimately tries to follow in the footsteps of her idol and role model, another writer, a great writer, more precisely, who has just passed away. A writer as much as a fantasy that, in the eyes of the young author, embodies a kind of ideal of literary success and the little that certain social animals have that succeed in everything. When Elsa ends up meeting the widower of an admired author, she not only begins an idyll with him, but also slips into the idol’s long-dreamed-of life, exploring her apartment and finding there what she never wanted. we should not stop there. After several other autobiographical works, Carole Fives delivers a disturbing literary thriller in which her sense of dialogue still shines. Also a book for back to school, expected from August 18.

They have you Oppenheimer by Virginia Ollagnier (Anne Carrire)

Well, maybe there is a time other than the summer holidays to read a novel about the “father of the atomic bomb.” But Robert Oppenheimer may be little more than the director of the “Manhattan Project.” A man whose primary vocation was born out of his desire to contribute to the fight against Nazism and who, far from being a warmonger by opposing the development of thermonuclear weapons, ended up being discredited by the US government during the McCarthyist hysteria, rather than being rehabilitated a decade later. The Lyon writer Virginie Ollagnier, thanks to literature, makes “Doctor Atomic” a true romantic hero who even her friends eventually betrayed in the name of ideology. And from his book, a thriller you can’t put down.

the black ones by Marielle Hubert (POL)

Lyon-based writer Marielle Hubert criticized it after a somewhat traumatic childhood experience when she was eight years old, when a friend dragged her into a lavish cave and left her in the dark. the black ones. A kind of pas de deux between a girl and a barely older boy (8 and 11 years old). She gets lost in a cave in the Causses du Quercy during a summer guided tour with her parents, he tries to find her. They do not meet, but talk to each other in a certain way, dialogue from chapter to chapter and “find” a common desire. To get out, not only from this cave that offers them an unprecedented experience of absolute darkness, but also from the tunnel of childhood whose immobility makes them despair, eager to discover the great adventures of humanity. A summer book that settles serious accounts with the almost obligatory nostalgia of childhood.

Antkind by Charlie Kaufman (Basement Editions)

This is a book that should not be put in everyone’s hands, the base is substantial (800 pages and a cart) and it could easily slip out of your hands. It’s even aimed at two unique categories of readers: fans of Charlie Kaufman’s intricate screenplays (In the shoes of John Malkovich, Eternal sunshine of a flawless mind, Synecdoche New York, Adaptation…) and mta-novel fans. To tell the truth, we expected nothing less from Kaufman than to enter literature by climbing on its metaromantic and/or postmodern face, thus rubbing against several gloves of the genre: Mark Danielewski and his House of leaveswhere Antkind too much to compare, William H. Gass (Tunnels) en passant par Gilbert Sorrentino (salmigondis). Consider the complicated story of a film critic appalled by the gangrene of today’s social media, who undertakes to write a book about an unreleased film that lasts three months (!), a film that disappears in a fire and which the hero will try to recreate. AND fuck you high-flying Kafkaesque threads translated by the inevitable keyboard cannibal Claro that Kaufman wanted to make unfit for the cinema. You will surely spend your summer there.

Oedipus is not guilty Pierre Bayard (Minuit coll. Paradoxe)

He’s a player, that Pierre Bayard. Not always easy to follow, but playful. After being taught about books we haven’t read, things that haven’t happened and places we haven’t been, after studying the foreknowledge of fictional authors (The Titanic will sink) or repeat the survey fromThere were ten of them, professor of literature and psychoanalyst invites us to a new treasure hunt in which the psychoanalyst plays an equally important role as the literature expert. This is about opening an investigation into the myth of Oedipus to show that he is innocent of the crimes he has been accused of for millennia (in other words, that he killed his father and slept with his mother). Bayard takes one by one all the elements of the myth in its different versions and amazes us once again, not forgetting to make people laugh, to dismantle popular beliefs brick by brick. Magnificent Cluedo for fans of thrillers and Freudian nudes lost on the beach.

Miscellane from Lyonnais Franois Mailhes, Cyrille Piot and Jean-Louis Rapini (Putana editions)

Since it is Miscellanes de Mr Schott for Ben Schott to join the room Various sports etc Culinary miscellaneous things, this kind of work aimed at haphazardly piecing together diverse and varied information, has flourished in the publishing world, delivering collections that are always interesting to peck at when you have five minutes, say, on the toilet. For the Lyonnais who have settled somewhere this summer and are nostalgic for their city, or for tourists who want to know everything about the capital of Gallo, there will always be a solution to take with them a delicious booklet entitled Miscellane from Lyonnais where of course you’ll learn more about the local dishes, the quirks of Lyon (the famous “building with 365 windows” in Croix-Rousse actually has 368), the list of OL coaches and all that stuff. A total of 306 anecdotes in 300 pages that will teach the most learned and debunk some established ideas and urban legends.

Enough, I live, I want de Marco Van Basten (Solar)

Exactly thirty years ago, Marco Van Basten won his third and last Ballon d’Or, joining the very closed circle of players who have won at least three, alongside his idol Johan Cruyff and Michel Platini (Messi and Ronaldo’s counter exploded). To celebrate this anniversary, unless it’s a coincidence, the Dutch footballer publishes his autobiography in French. A rather surprising book by an athlete. Because Van Basten does it openly (the title is bullshit, but it says it all), inspired by Andre Agassi’s biography, which marked him a lot, in which the tennis player specifically admitted that he played the Grand Slams with a wig, which caused a great stir. From the trauma he experienced in his childhood when his best friend drowned before his eyes to the unbearable pain that, due to a poorly treated ankle, will end his 27-year career prematurely, we learn a lot about the man who was one of the most stylish players in the game. history, the author of the otherworldly goal in the Euro 88 final against the USSR.

A book Scottie Pippen (Hugo Sport)

After the broadcast The last dance, two years ago, a documentary event about God Michael Jordan produced by an interested party, many of his teammates developed an international scheme because God tends to pull the mask on himself and minimize the role of his partners. start with your two main ones assistants first row, Horace Grant and especially Scottie Pippen, who for a while was, it must be said, the best player in the world apart from Jordan. To the extent that this discreet man harbored a desire to tell his version of the story and spread his own, not fueled by the bugs between a childhood as happy as it was miserable in Arkansas and a career as a basketball player built on the strength of his wrist against a thousand odds, he was really not expected to become a professional to end up on the roof of the world with Barcelona’s Dream Team and six NBA championship titles in the team, the Chicago Bulls who brought him always a little misunderstood. A bookbetrayed, Scottie.

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