“La Sorgues du Larzac”, a “passion” book by Henri Salvayre

“La Sorgues du Larzac”, a “passion” book by Henri Salvayre

A few weeks before his death, Henri Salvayre finished a book that he considered very special, more personal and with which he concluded his career in the service of his passions, geology and hydrogeology: “La Sorgues du Larzac, the memory of the people, the memory of the waters “, with a foreword by Jacques Godfrain.

Henri Salvayre tells us about Sorgues and the story, which is mostly his, about the exploration of the underground waters of Larzac.

It leads us from abysses to siphons, from caves to bodies of water, to the discovery of natural monuments and forests of stalactites. We tremble on his part, overwhelmed by the courage and coolness required to carry out these investigations, which are not only a fascinating adventure, but also a work of public interest. It is thanks to speleologists that we know what the fate of underground water is and what we can do to better capture it at the service of people, and at the same time preserve the resource.

On the delicious pages, somewhere in between The child and the river d’Henri Bosco et A Journey to the Center of the Earth Jules Verne, Professor Henri Salvayre finds a child who was on the banks of the Sorgues in Saint-Affrique.


Henri Salvayre, was born in 1931 in Saint-Affrique on the banks of the Sorgues, and left us in Millas (Pyrénées-Orientales) on September 8, 2022. He was an associate professor of life sciences on Earth, a doctorate in hydrogeology and winner of the Henri Milon Award from Société Hydrotechnique de France in 1970.

An eminent speleologist, founding member of the Saint-Affrique Club and the French Federation of Speleology, he investigated the sources and underground rivers of the Grands Causses (Causse du Larzac, Causse Noir), the Eastern Pyrenees, the Alps or Burkina Faso, campaigning for their better knowledge and preservation.

A former professor at the IUT in Perpignan, he trained several generations of students in ecology. The author of numerous books, he was the official geologist of the Aveyron and Pyrénées-Orientales departments.

Very sensitive to environmental issues and a pioneer in the analysis of water resources issues on an international scale, he warned and acted in favor of their protection since the seventies of the last century, developing a long-term vision.

Sorgues from Larzac – Henri Salvayre. Tout Latitude Editions / Lands of Excellence – Discoveries – 15×22 cm – 144 pages. – €19 – ISBN: 978-2-35282-066-6.

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