L’Alba delivers his new compositions to Spaziu

L’Alba delivers his new compositions to Spaziu

back to Christmas space Rochicciolimembers of the group Sunrisewill perform the first interpretation of his work in the week of creation on the stage of Cargo this Saturday evening.

The new concert follows in the footsteps of the previous ones, faithful to the engine of the members of the musical formation: research in its universality of sounds and voices, especially Mediterranean ones. If their previous album, Principlehe was “invitation to travel”the concert that the artists will present to the audience takes on another dimension “there is always a journey from one coast to the other of the Mediterranean, but our recent creations or old compositions that we have reworked and rearranged for this new concert will go beyond that, allowing the company a sweet spot”says musician Ghjuvan-Francescu Mattei.

Creation and research

A new musical, artistic, but also political adventure that pushed the members of the musical formation to direct their production differently. The fundamental work that marks the evolution of the group: “The foundations of our creativity, that is, the link between peoples and our way of singing, are always present. But the arrival of new artists allowed us to enrich the interpretation”, name the musicians.

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On stage, the sounds of classical or traditional island instruments will be mixed with the surprising ones. The work undertaken a year ago by the artists of L’Alba “continuously in the phase of creation and research”, the culmination of which could only happen inside the Spaziu Natale Rochiccioli: “We are committed to maintaining our creative residences in Carghjese (…) despite the preparatory work done before the creative residency, the true starting point of the concert is Carghjese”.

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A concert that will be exported to the southwest of France, where the artists will perform in February, for a week, before returning to the island’s stages. A European tour follows. The concert will be developed and further refined before the recording and release of the new album, the group’s fifth, on the horizon in 2024.

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