Lara Fabian and France Gall: this festive evening that broke the hearts of the two singers

Lara Fabian and France Gall: this festive evening that broke the hearts of the two singers

Those are two singing stars who carried high the colors of the Francophonie in the competitionEurovision. In 1988, Lara Fabian represents Luxembourg and rises to fourth position, at the foot of a podium dominated by Celine Dionwith the song Believe. 23 years earlier, the Grand Duchy of Benelux won the competition thanks to France Gall and his song composed by Serge Gainsbourg, wax doll, doll. Nevertheless, to pay Lara Fabian as for France Gall, their beautiful artistic performance was marred by a heartache, which arrived on the very evening of Eurovision.

Last December, in the columns of our colleagues from Cine TV ReviewLara Fabian remembered coming home in tears from the international competition. “It’s kind of the story of my life, I fell in love with the wrong person at the wrong time, in the wrong place!”explained the singer who celebrates her 53 years this January 9. “When you’re a very passionate person, you have a diminished ability to analyze and a lack of self-knowledge. I lived through this until I met, at 42, my husband, Gabriel.”

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France Gall slapped and dumped because of her Eurovision victory

For France Gall, the emotional lift had been increased tenfold: the singer had experienced the great joy of arriving first at Eurovision, and the pain of finding himself single, not only on the night of his victory, but also because of it. At the time, the singer was in coupled with Claude Francois. The singer is obsessed with his success and his image, and ready to do anything to crush the competition. He calls France Gall backstage at Eurovision. The singer has just learned of her victory and must go back on stage to perform her song a second time, as tradition dictates. “You won, but you lost me”he stabs him. And in fact, their love story will end dead with this murderous sentence. To top it all off, the representative of Belgium, who came second and unable to manage this sanely, will also slapping France Gall in the wings. What make his victory rather bitter.

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