Large families, life in XXL: upset, Delphine Colas announces sad news

Large families, life in XXL: upset, Delphine Colas announces sad news

Bad news at the Colas. This Wednesday, December 28, Delphine Colas spoke in story, with a heavy heart. After several days spent with her daughter Selena, the young mother had to say goodbye to her.

For several years, the show Large families has established itself as one of the favorite programs of the French. From the Pélissards to the Galli, passing through the Gayats or the Romeros, viewers can follow the daily lives of these XXL families every evening. It is therefore not surprising that several new clans have appeared, such as the Provenchères, the Boibessots, the Jean-Zéphirins or even colas. With Olivier, Delphine Colas is the proud mother of a blended family of five children. But like everyone else, the couple went through hardships. One of which is particularly difficult: the loss of a child.

This is Victor, Alba’s twin brother, who died at birth. “We also had the chance to hug our babyto have her with us, to have our two babies at birth. I was able to keep memories of our baby thanks to the photo; it’s also something that made me realize the importance of capturing moments and I find that the profession of photographer is incredible, it’s not an ‘unimportant’ profession, it’s a brilliant profession . We give people memories that last a lifetime”, explained the young mother in front of the cameras of Large families.

Delphine Colas, far from her daughter Selena

If Delphine Colas loves to pamper her little Alba, she also takes very good care of her eldest, Selena, who is 17 years old. Unfortunately, the young girl decided to leave his studies in Seattle for a year. A distance that caused Delphine to gain weight.Since Selena left for the United States, I gained at least 4 kilos. As much to tell you that I’m not at all proud of myself. I’m going to have to lose these pounds, I hardly fit in anything anymore”, lamented the star of Large families.

Nevertheless, Selena returned to her family for Christmas. A reunion that Delphine was looking forward to. Unfortunately, this Wednesday, December 28 on Instagram, Delphine Colas announced bad news: Selena has just returned to the United States. “Life resumes its courseOlivier accompanies her alone to the airport because Alba is not in good shape. This is where she will be for the next six months. When she comes back, Alba will be 3 years old, Paul 10 and Gabriel 15… It’s crazy”, shared the young mother who has only one hurry: that time flies.

© Instagram capture
© Instagram capture

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