Lasseran. Autrée, autistic, describes her artistic career in the book

Lasseran. Autrée, autistic, describes her artistic career in the book

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Audrée Doreau reveals her universe and her artistic career in a book published a few weeks ago. A young autistic woman expresses herself with a drawing.

The title is soberly written in white, with, in the background, a vivid and glittering drawing by Gersoise: “Audrée Doreau / Painter”. Halfway between a catalog and an art book, this book follows the journey of Audrée Doreau, 22, an artist and autistic, who managed to find her voice through drawing. The text written by her mother introduces the young Lasséranaise and describes “the way she came to painting”, specifies Sandrine Doreau. I wanted to explain to readers and visitors to her exhibitions how art helps Audrée in her personal growth and self-esteem”. This return to experience, which starts from the young woman’s first magical color to her drawings created from scratch, also hopes to raise awareness about autism among readers. “This disorder often remains mysterious and unknown,” says Sandrine Doreau. But on this “non-standard” journey, talents can be discovered”.

Many of the drawings, selected by the artist, are also reproduced in this book released last August. “We tried to classify them according to the order of creation, in order to show the evolution of Audrée’s work,” specifies her mother. “Wolf”, “Couple in Love” or even “Turtle Prophecy”. All these works, although very different, are made like stained glass and are very colorful. With a touch, sometimes, of German impressionism. An art form that, according to mother Audrée Doreau, is “her own way of seeing the world.”

The book is available at Page à Page, at Espace culturel Leclerc and at Migo in Auch.

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