Le Nouvelliste | Gospel music makes millions of views and travels with Wiliadel Denervil

Le Nouvelliste | Gospel music makes millions of views and travels with Wiliadel Denervil

We no longer present Wiliadel Denervil. Since the release of her hit “Li kapab”, the singer has carved out a place for herself in the evangelical music sector. Far from resting on his laurels, the interpreter of “Sekou” has set out to conquer other markets. On December 11, 2022, she will be in Paris for the second time this year.

A singer with millions of views

Wiliadel Denervil started with performances. Superb for the most part. The public waited for some time before being entitled to his first single. And success was not long in coming. His songs accumulate “views” on Youtube. “Li kapab” is a hit with more than 5 million, “Sekou” also. “Espwa mwen” has 1.9 million views and Jewova 3.6 million views. And even the latest, “Ou always la pou mwen” has already compiled more than 2 million views… Record.

The singer of collaborations

In addition to his successful singles, Wiliadel Denervil enjoys collaborating with his peers. We find her alongside the Agape Theou choir on “Majeste”, or even DEG with “Maten an”.

Dickson Guillaume, Jean Elie Brutus, Mike Marvens Exilus, she accompanied them all on songs. His most fruitful collaborations are “M ap viv pou ou” with his cousin Salomon Lira dit Salil and two others with Frè Gabe, “Konplemantè” and “Espwa mwen”.

International tours

With a well-established reputation in the evangelical milieu in Haiti, the daughter of the late Pastor William Denervil is now turning to the international scene. First in neighboring land, the singer has participated in many concerts in recent years and will still be there for this month of December. But not only. In May 2022, Wiliadel Denervil climbed the stage of Espace Grand Paris in France, with the Haitian flag in hand, all dressed in red. “An extraordinary experience,” she says, with excitement in her voice. Since it is necessary to renew the good things, on December 11, 2022, the former member of Zion Gospel will be in “Les salons du Grand Paris” with Samuel Joseph for a concert.

An album for 2023

After several songs and several videos in circulation, Wiliadel Denervil and his team are heading this time for his first album. “The album is ready”, wishes to specify the singer. Without however giving a deadline, she announces the release for the year 2023. To keep her audience waiting, Wiliadel Denervil offers them a new song. “Alelouya” is on all platforms from this Wednesday, December 7, 2022. But that’s not all, other songs will come before the album. The artist invites his fans to stay alert for what is to come. It is only to wait.

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