Le Nouvelliste | Michael Brun unveils 5 essential new songs of Haitian music

Le Nouvelliste | Michael Brun unveils 5 essential new songs of Haitian music

Indeed, in the second episode made public on Michael Brun’s Instagram account, this Thursday, November 10, only “Ou pati” by Mikaben is in troubadour color. The choice of this title released in 2010 on the album “Vwayaj”, pays tribute to the singer who died recently. Especially since it was the last piece taken up by Mika, before he collapsed on the stage of the Accor Arena, in Paris, on October 15, 2022.

Long before, in an outstanding mix of the Grammy Award-winning in 2020, parade 4 compass sounds. Michael Benjamin not only mixes music, but also generations at the same time. It is “New York City”, a great worldwide success of the 70s of the mythical Tabou Combo which opens the dance. To say that Michael Brun was born in 1992!

Make way for the generation of the 2000s and 2010s. In Michael Brun’s second selection, there are 3 big hits from musical groups that marked this period. “Biznis pa m” by Djakout Mizik, his must-have that moved the crowds at balls and festivals, after its release in 2003 on the Mannigueta disc”.

“Are you ready? », the most recent sound found in this top 5, is from Carimi. A success that dates from 2013 and appears on the group’s eponymous album. No Carimi without Mika. They were together for a big event, the reunion of Carimi after its disbandment in 2016.

A bit of carnival in “part 2” of essential songs of Haitian music by Michael Brun. One of the most popular meringues of this popular Haitian celebration, dating from 2002. A “pa ka pa la” by Vice2K. A card that the Martino brothers release at every opportunity. And that works every time. Turn turn turn! Men elikopter a!

In the first 5 essential songs of Michael Brun unveiled last August, there was slow compas, “Se pa pou dat”, classic by Alan Cavé. Some Carimi with more heat, “Ayiti Bang Bang”. From rara, “Ponmen zèl ou” from Raram no limit. Ragga Murffin with King Posse, “Cool non” and rasin with Boukman Eksperyans, “Kè m pa sote”.

The first five pieces of music, like the five short stories, prove one and the same thing: Monsieur Brun has taste. A good taste.

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