Le Nouvelliste | The compass returns to the Accor Arena

Le Nouvelliste | The compass returns to the Accor Arena

It is cold. In the middle of November, it’s “normal” in Paris. A little over 5 p.m., lines formed at the entrance to the Accor Arena, in Bercy, in the 12th arrondissement of Paris. They are Guadeloupeans, Martiniquans, Guyanese, Reunionese, Haitians, French… lovers of zouk, compas, Caribbean music and all the French overseas islands. On the bill: Nu Look, T-Vice, Leila Chicot, Milca, Slaï, Francky Vincent, Marvin, Lycinaïs, T Kimp Gee, Jean Marc Ferdinand, among others.

When we arrived, the legendary hall was almost full. The singer Leila Chicot, in symbiosis with her audience, reviews two or three of her old hits sung in chorus. Before leaving the podium, the singer pays tribute to Mikaben with whom she collaborated.

The singer Lycinais Jean does not do lace. With only two songs, she put Accor Arena at her feet for this fourth edition of the Overseas Night – Kompa Night. Same for the singer Slaï with his hit “Do not go home tonight”, sung at the top of his voice.

Between sexual gestures and saucy remarks, Francky Vincent made Francky Vincent. It certainly took wrinkles but it remained the same. The singer who “shocks” but who denies having “invented” anything. Accompanied by two dancers, he had to release his song “Fruit de la passion” to wake up a sleeping audience at the start of his performance. “Go ahead Francky, it’s good…”, “Anie, it’s slippery. In Wonderland…those 90s tunes have had their usual impact more than 30 years later.

After the jagged performances of certain rappers, the animator Jean Marc Ferdinand as well as the DJs delivered a hellish animation. T-Vice and Nu Look were in charge of bringing the strength of the compass to this evening. Wearing Mikaben T-shirts, the band of Roberto and Reynaldo Martino began their performance with the song “Kite m Viv” before continuing with “Moving on”, “MVP” and of course the timeless “Elikopte”.

Nu Look must close the evening. Dressed all in white in homage to Mikaben, Arly Larivière achieved the feat of starting his performance at the Accor Arena by observing a minute’s silence in memory of Mikaben. The great hall, which was dropping with cries, falls silent and recollects itself. With new musicians on board and poor song choices, however, it was not the great Nu Look. The performance is difficult because time is at war with the group as in a Haitian festival. The concert ends at 11:25 a.m. People weren’t ready to go home so early. Even before emptying the room, the cleaning agents of the premises were at work.

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