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Le Nouvelliste | “To film Shoubou like this and share the video is to violate his private life”, says Fanfan Ti Bòt of Tabou Combo

Le Nouvelliste | “To film Shoubou like this and share the video is to violate his private life”, says Fanfan Ti Bòt of Tabou Combo

Just a week ago, a video of Shoubou, star singer of Tabou Combo was doing the rounds on the web. We saw the star of the Tabou Combo Super Stars installed in a wheelchair trying to sing one of the hits of his group. This video recorded in the premises of the nursing home where the singer resides has once again divided the Haitian digital sphere. In this fight where pros and cons clash, Yves Joseph dit Fanfan Ti Bòt, founding member of Tabou Combo and longtime friend of Shoubou has placed his word. For him, this is a violation of the singer’s privacy.

“We are not sure who posted the video, but it is clear that it is a Haitian. Many of our compatriots work in the health sector here in the United States,” says Fanfan Ti-Bòt straight away.

For the founding member of Tabou Combo, the one who made the video public had only one goal: to take advantage of the situation by creating a buzz at the expense of Shoubou. Without questioning the fact that the singer knew he was being filmed, Fanfan affirms that Shoubou would never have granted his permission for the broadcast of such a video. “He would have shaved, put on his nice clothes. He would have simply taken care of himself, if he had known. This, out of respect for himself and for the public”, assures Yves Joseph.

The musician tells us further that the relatives of the star had taken preventive measures to prevent such an event from happening. “On the door giving access to Shoubou’s room, it is written: no photo or video. But the circulating video was taken in a common area […] There are employees responsible for recreating patients in order to combat loneliness and isolation. Apparently, an employee took it, shared it with a loved one, then the video made its way,” he says, regretting the excessive use made of the new communication channels.

Fanfan Ti Bòt indicates that a complaint has been filed with the health establishment in order to definitively ban any such practice against Shoubou. However, Tabou’s team and Shoubou’s relatives have not yet considered legal retaliation. We still analyze the pros and cons before anything else, because, according to Yves Joseph, they are not interested in a scandal or in any amount that the legal action could bring.

Yves Joseph also invites fans of Tabou Combo, particularly Shoubou, to take part in a signing session on December 23 in New York. The voice of “Bese ba” will be present at this event and he will lend himself to the autograph games for the pleasure of the fans.

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