Lea devastated and in tears shares her deep sadness with Slimane – Tuxboard

Lea devastated and in tears shares her deep sadness with Slimane – Tuxboard

Léa, totally exhausted and exhausted in the last episode of Star Academy, bursts into tears in front of Slimane and tells him everything…

Candidates for the new season of the Star Academy are put to the test at the castle. Léa bears the brunt of it and takes advantage of Slimane’s arrival to entrust everything to him… before bursting into tears, exhausted!

Léa gives herself to an open heart in the last episode of Star Academy

This Tuesday, November 1, the emotions were there at the famous castle of the Star Academy. In the daily broadcast on TF1Léa and Slimane gave us a nice moment.

Indeed, while students were preparing for the next assessments, Slimane gave them a nice surprise. The winner of the 5ᵉ season of The Voice came to the castle to pay them a little visit. But that’s not all, he also gave them a masterclass!

Delighted, the students of Star Academy could not ask for better. They loved learning more from him.

Léa, who always has a smile and exudes the joy of living, took the opportunity to drop her mask. After class, she made a point of confide in his hidden handicap.

She then reveals to him a deep malaise which prevents him from fully enjoying adventure, and even sometimes to sing… Slimane, who experienced more or less the same things, was the ear that the young woman needed.

Léa then found herself, in tears, in Slimane’s arms. As usual and without surprise, the singer was able to listen and reassure Léa. After their conversation, she was even fully boosted for adventure !

“In life, you are always on your own. ”

Léa can no longer keep this to herself. She feels bad, she’s exhausted and needs to confide.

In the latest episode of Star Academy, aired Tuesday on TF1the young woman therefore takes advantage of Slimane’s visit to the castle to talk to him. After the French singer’s lesson, Léa takes him aside and confesses to him: ” Earlier, you touched me when you said that before, you hated yourself. And since I’ve been here, it’s been happening every day, morning, noon, snack and evening, I hate myself. »

She then bursts into tearscompletely overwhelmed by the situation. Lea then continues:I am always funny, I help them and everything, but it’s so hard. You said that the day you learned to love yourself, to see yourself beautiful, how did you go from that to that? I have difficulties to understand. »

Fortunately, Slimane understands her very well and was able to find the right words to make her feel a little better! The winner of season 5 of The Voice comforts her by saying: “ In two weeks, it can be seen that you are changing (…) Where we are lucky is that we make music (…) In life, you are always alone. Learn to be your best friend. »

We then see Slimane take Léa in his arms and it warms the heart. Léa confirms this and has managed to find some comfort in this conversation: “ I feel full of strength. If Slimane experienced it and got out of it, it’s clear that I’m going to get out of it too. I really have hope.“, she reacted in the confessional.

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