Léa Salamé uncomfortable after the salacious remarks of a guest about her companion Raphaël Glucksmann (ZAPTV)

Léa Salamé uncomfortable after the salacious remarks of a guest about her companion Raphaël Glucksmann (ZAPTV)

Rosa Burzstein was one of Léa Salamé’s guests in Quelle époque! Christophe Dechavanne unveiled extracts from the show and the program in which the comedian spoke in raw terms of his attraction for the European deputy Raphaël Glucksmann, who is none other than the companion of Léa Salamé. Awkward !

Rosa Burstein had an atypical journey. She was discovered by John Malkovich who made her his Cécile de Volanges in Dangerous relationships to Workshop Theater. Now the pixie-like brunette is touring France with her show simply called Rose. She talks about sex in particular in a very uninhibited way. A show of which Telerama has already praised indicating that it is “feminist, raw and mischievous”. Rosa Bursztein also has a podcast called The guys I want to ken and which aims to: “to question her relationship to love, sexuality and artistic creation through discussions with artists she admires and therefore desires”. What to seduce Léa Salamé who therefore invited the pretty brunette in his saturday night talk What an era! But a little moment of discomfort when Christophe Dechavanne wanted to send the hostess behind the scenes. “You don’t want to go pee Lea?”, he asked the host before broadcasting a few embarrassing Rosa Bursztein pellets…

You want me to send a message maybe?

In an extract revealed from his show shot in Belgium and during his visit at the house of Daily against Yann Barthes, the young comedian had confessed to having a weakness for a certain MEP named Raphaël Glucksmann. And reveal indulge in solitary pleasures thinking of the seductive politician and regret that the latter refused to appear in his podcast. What to leave a bit circumspect the companion of the said Raphaël GlucksmannLéa Salamé, who however managed to keep smiling. “Do you want me to send a message maybe? she asked Rosa Burzstein who tried to drown the fish.

“I have a new message, it’s you Léa that I want in the podcast or both, the power couple.” “Ah, you want me ‘I know ?”, teased Léa Salamé. “Are you bi?”, asked Christophe Dechavannewith finesse. “I like smart people, it’s more than the physical aspect, it’s the people I look up to.” replied Rosa blushing. “That’s very nice, we’ll pass the message on to him. Go see this girl who has good taste“, finally underlined Léa Salamé, good player …

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