Léone Michaut and her love of books is praised

Léone Michaut and her love of books is praised

On Saturday, November 5, the municipality invited Léone Michaut to a small ceremony of thanks for the services rendered to the municipality. Total investment in serving others through reading and love of books for which she was able to pass on her passion to the next generations.

In the 1970s, at the instigation of teacher Chantal Musset, citizens were offered free reading with the help of the Chaumont media library. In the early 1980s, with the creation of the Foyer de la Renaissance, Léone Michaut arranged for people to gather for a retreat once a week and present books in the village hall. In 1988, the then mayor decided to open a book storage facility in the town hall, for which a contract was signed with the Main Council. Anyone designated for this function, Leone supports the work of this activity. Various moves did not discourage this enthusiast, who in the 2000s found a permanent place in the current city hall, where she is totally invested to this day.

A nice person – the children who get off the bus testify to this – knows how to interest them, but also to tame them with lots of treats, an adorable grandmother who preserves indispensable memories of this period.

For this manifestation of recognition, a beautiful cake in the shape of a book made by Roze bakery and various gifts testified to the immense happiness that this beautiful person is in the village, the testimony of an open book about the recent past that she reveals with passion and love.

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