“Let this be a lesson to others”

“Let this be a lesson to others”

Le Joueur du Grenier was annoyed by a repost dated several months ago of a Twitch extract on YouTube, warning the clip channels.

“The chains of clips, we tolerate them, but we can have them closed in an email if we want”recalled the Attic Player on Twitter. The videographer did not appreciate an out-of-context repost published by the channel jerk rat on YouTube, which caused semi-drama on social media. In addition, we see the streamer getting annoyed by the pressure put by certain viewers about the Z Event 2021 goal donations. Problem: the extract in question comes from a live stream dated more than ten months ago, even though JDG did not participate in the last charity marathon.

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Grenier player: “I have nothing against clip chains”

At first, he recalled his point of view on the question of the donations goal, after the reproaches of a surfer who accused him of not keeping his promises. “My word, I respect it at the rhythm that pleases me, did he start. I continue to make donations goal from two years ago, like the Minecraft JEV for example, but I don’t have to respect insulting guys who suddenly show up on the chat because things aren’t going fast enough for them. taste”. Adding that he had so far respected 11 of his 15 donations goal and that three others were in progress.

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Also, he pointed to these YouTube channels which isolate excerpts from Twitch lives in some cases. He even commented on the excerpt in question on the channel: “I have nothing against music video channels that make money out of our ass, but if you have fun uploading 10 month old music videos to discredit me, I’ll have fun shutting down your channel”. And warn on Twitter: “If it starts uploading outdated stuff to generate drama-click, then I’ll put an end to it”. This is also the whole paradoxical aspect of these channels, which make it possible to increase the visibility of content exclusive to Twitch, sometimes with a harmful formula, devoid of context or temporal markers.

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