Lidl: a TV stand available from the brand, ideal for your living room

Lidl: a TV stand available from the brand, ideal for your living room

© Lidl: a TV cabinet available from the brand, ideal for your living room – Source: iStock

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If you want something new for your TV cabinet, but at the same time you want storage and a nice piece of furniture to low prices, Lidl has something for you. While the brand seems to be diversifying into all sectors, from food, to household appliances, to beauty, etc. Lidl is also launching as a new competitor to Ikea, but much cheaper! We’ll explaine everything here.

Lidl, great deals that last

For the end-of-year celebrations, Lidl had pulled out all the stops to offer cheaper products. We were able to find many offers, or even very popular products back on the shelves to give away. But even though the holidays are over, Lidl makes sure to always offer good products to its customers.

Especially since this month seems to be the anniversary of leaping inflation, which therefore remains present. While inflation continues to increase, the purchasing power of the French takes the opposite curve. Fortunately, stores and brands seem to be mobilizing to offer cheaper products, especially for those deemed essential. And, in this market, Lidl holds a good first place.

If the winter seemed too mild at first, the cold seems to be present. So much so that the weather forecast even seems to predict some snowfall soon in some parts of France. But, besides that, the heaters remain closely monitored. And, this because of energy sobriety. Thus, Lidl was able to offer small heaters that are as economical as they are practical. A good way to stay warm without consuming too much energy. In addition to this, the brand offers warm clothes, like thermal leggings. The latter will help you keep your legs warm despite the imposed 19 degrees.

Products for the new year

The advantage of thermal leggings of Lidl, remains thatit will allow you to go out to enjoy the weather, without being cold. Because, if at the top, we often find fleeces, warm coats, for the legs, it seems less frequent. But, in addition to thinking about you and your warmth, Lidl also thinks about your home.

It always feels good once the household is done to see your house clean, but also tidy. And that’s why, you have to have storage. It therefore remains for this reason that Lidl comes to offer a new TV stand at low prices. This last, white and wood colorallows you to blend in with any kind of decoration and also offers plenty of storage. It remains quite large since it is 113 x 57 x 40 cm. And propose four non-slip feet.

But, while Lidl has been offering this piece of furniture for a short time, customers already seem to be adopting it and loving it, especially for its price. It offers, in fact, a closed drawer to put your mess, but also two storage above, where you can put your books, consoles, and other things you want to have in your field of vision. In addition, the furniture is perfectly intended for technological use since it has two holes behind. These two allow you to run cables in order to connect your television and even a console. All of this for the modest sum of 70 euros at the moment instead of the usual 90.

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