Lidl will transform your living room into a cinema with this low-cost video projector! – Tuxboard

Lidl will transform your living room into a cinema with this low-cost video projector! – Tuxboard

Your movie nights will take another turn! Lidl unveils its projector at a mini price that you will want to shop very quickly.

This winter, you will be able to receive your friends at home to watch your favorite movies like at the cinema! Thanks to Lidl, you can afford a projector at a low price. We tell you more.

Lidl: its projector at a bargain price

The big retailer continues to amaze his fans. On its shelves, Lidl offers many products that make your life easier.

Of the storage productsto decoration through kitchen essentials, for example… you are sure to find everything you need! Recently, the German brand unveiled a new accessory that is likely to crack movie fans.

Indeed, if you love cinema, then this new object from Lidl is made for you! This is a video projector that goes completely transform your movie nights!

It must be said that usually, the prices of video projectors can be very high. But thanks to Lidl, this product becomes available to all budgets. Indeed, the brand has once again bet on low prices to please its most loyal customers.

So instead of shelling out hundreds of dollars for a video projector, you can just head over to Lidl’s website and get it for a low price. For all who love the movie theater, this purchase is essential for you.

In addition, it will allow you to invite all your loved ones for truly unforgettable movie nights! And in this winter season, nothing better than a good movie, friends and good snacks to spend a nice evening!

Lidl transforms your movie nights at home with its bargain projector

A cinema in his living room

Thanks to the Lidl brand and its new projectoryou can therefore transform your living room to welcome your friends in front of a good movie. This is the reference Philips NeoPix available at only 199 euros.

This projector at a bargain price offers a Full HD experience! All you need is to have a blank wall in front of your couch so you can get the most out of your projector.

Better yet, know that this product comes with speakers to give you a unique experience. As in the cinema, you will be able to live your film in full immersion! On adore.

Instead of spending money every time you want to see a movie, you can now invest in this video projector. And so enjoy your favorite movies and series without leaving the comfort of your sofa! High class.

The Lidl projector can be connected to any console or computer thanks to its HDMI output. But it also contains a USB port. So you can easily connect a hard drive to watch your favorite program.

And that’s not all, it is also able to read micro SD cards. Finally, the Lidl projector also comes with its remote control which facilitates its use. Please note, this product is a limited edition. He therefore risks being a victim of his own success!

Especially when we know that it is on sale for 199 euros. Indeed, the average prices for this type of product are generally around 400 euros. So you are doing a great deal!

For the moment, this Lidl product seems to be out of stock in France. It will therefore be necessary keep an eye out for his possible return on the market. Case to follow.

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