Lily Allen’s response to a “sons of” inquiry

Lily Allen’s response to a “sons of” inquiry

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the New York magazine is not for peace of mind this holiday season. The magazine has just launched into the sea with its new front page devoted to “Nepo Babies”, or “the sons and daughters of”, denouncing in passing the favoritism granted to a good number of artists, whether they are actors, writers, singers, directors or models. She has her eyes. And his agent can we read on this audacious cover, embellished with the faces of Lily-Rose Depp, daughter of Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp, but also Dakota Johnson, Zo Kravitz or Ben Platt, while the investigation ensures that they are not only abundant, they thrive . A thorny subject which obviously does not please everyone, each one going there with his little comment on social networks. Among them ? Lily Allen wanted to speak, overwhelmed by the highlighting of this phenomenon which targets the entertainment industry.

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“I literally don’t deserve anything”

The “sons of” you should worry about are those working in law firms, banks, and politics, if we’re talking about real-world consequences and denying people opportunities. BUT it’s none of my business denounced Lily Allen in a first message on Twitter, she who necessarily feels concerned since she is the daughter of actor Keith Allen and producer Alison Owen. Moreover, the artist who got married in 2020took the critics by surprise: And before you reproach me for being myself a “daughter of”, know that I am the first to tell you that I deserve literally nothing . Neither one nor two, his messages set fire to the powder on the social network, which pushed the singer from “Lost my mind” deepen your thoughts: I seem to be annoying people with my comments about “son of”. I’m almost 40 and I’m more than happy, in fact I think it’s important to reveal what a privileged upbringing I’ve had and how it has created so many opportunities for me. .

But the singer didn’t always have that feeling. In my twenties I was really defensive about it, felt like I was working extremely hard and deserved the success I had. she then explained: I also had a rather strained relationship with some members of my family, so it was difficult for me to attribute my successes to them at the time. . Lily Allen also acknowledged that there is a serious lack of representation in the industry when it comes to class and race and according to her, everyone loses . But she believes that this investigation makes “sons of” children scapegoats : There’s a larger societal conversation going on about wealth inequality, about the lack of programs and funding, and I guess that was the point I was trying to make, maybe wrong . Lily Allen also reminded us that being “son or daughter of” is not so obvious: In childhood, we long for stability and love, education, we do not yet care about money or proximity to power. Many “sons of” are deprived of these basic things in childhood because their parents are probably narcissistic .

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