Lily Collins reveals behind the scenes of the surreal scene at McDonald’s

Lily Collins reveals behind the scenes of the surreal scene at McDonald’s

Lily Collins, the interpreter of Emily Cooper in Emily in Parisreturned for Télé-Loisirs on the set of the scene at McDonald’s in episode 1 of season 3 on Netflix.

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In the first episode of season 3 of Emily in Paris available since Wednesday December 21, 2022 on Netflix, Emily Cooper receives a phone call from her ex, still in Chicago, who tells her that a representative of McDonald’s is about to land in Paris. He naturally seeks the best possible agency to promote the launch of the Mc Baguette on French territory… Gabrielle (who is opening a new restaurant, inspired by Jean Imbert?) then leads to Emily (all about her) in the McDonald’s on the Champs-Élysées “so chic” as the most American of Parisians would say. fans ofEmily in Paris quickly rose up against this surreal scene where the restaurant has been rehabilitated for the needs of the fiction, clean, tinsel with glass windows where pretty macaroons and canelets are put up for sale.

“A meatless version” Mc Baguette for Lily Collins

This is the McDonald’s on the Champs Elysées, the best known, the one where there are the most orders in a single day in the world! There are so many people going there!“, revealed to us Lily Collins during the press day of the series. And to affirm that the Mac Donald’s restaurants in France were “much more beautiful than those in which [elle] has already gone!“And did the actors really eat Mc Baguette?”Yes they made a Mc Baguette for us. I don’t eat meat so they made me a meatless version.” the actress tells us.

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The McDo menu seen in Emily in Paris launched in France

Questions about the fast-food giant not necessarily to Netflix’s taste. It must be said that the McDonald’s brand has established a tasty and juicy partnership with the series because, as explained The echoes, Emily in Paris became “the number 1 destination for advertisers” like with MacLaren. The offer promoted by Emily Cooper is therefore truly launched in several French fast-food restaurants. The Mc Baguette with two macaroons with brownie & cranberry flavors can really be ordered at McDo.

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