Lily Collins shares how she prepared to sing for Season 3

Lily Collins shares how she prepared to sing for Season 3

For the second episode of the third season ofEmily in ParisLily Collins had the pleasure of pushing the song. Indeed, his character interprets Alfiethe 1966 song by Dionne Warwick, in honor of her aptly named boyfriend Alfie. A performance that is not without impressing the character of Mindy, the best friend of the heroine embodied by Ashley Park who happens to be a singer both in the series and in life.

It is therefore up to her Lily Collins called in to set up the scene asking him to give his opinion on tests recorded in his bathroom. And Ashley Park was simply amazed! Suddenly, she had only one piece of advice to give him: “Let go and be yourself!” “A conclusive experience that made Lily Collins want to use her voice more often.

Lily Collins is a staple

“I’ve always wanted to be able to sing more often as an actress,” Lily Collins said in an interview with AND! News. “But it had to be justified by the character and make sense with his motivations. It was something I was offered, and I was obviously nervous. »

But it must be said that Lily Collins did not really start from scratch with singing since she is none other than the daughter of Phil Collins. Unfortunately, the actress does not say if her father had the pleasure of hearing her sing!

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