Lise Leviztky, Gainsbourg’s “Elisa” and first wife, has died

Lise Leviztky, Gainsbourg’s “Elisa” and first wife, has died

She died in the discretion of a retirement home in Quillio, in the Côtes-d’Armor, at the age of 96. Lise Leviztky was notably known for being the first wife of singer Serge Gainsbourg. This painting lover had often claimed that the famous song Elisa had been written for her by the cabbage-headed singer. At the beginning of October, she closed her eyes forever, as revealed West France. Contacted by 20 minutesthe retirement home confirms that Elisabeth Leviztky died on October 3 in the establishment.

The story doesn’t say whether she’s going to jump on his neck or pick him the lice. Thirty-one years after the singer’s death, Elisabeth Leviztky joined Serge Gainsbourg in the afterlife, if there is one. These two had met in 1947 during a painting class. Gainsbourg was still called Lucien Ginsburg and was only 19 years old. “He was ugly but he had a beautiful voice, a velvety voice. He kept telling me what I was doing was ugly and it was shit,” she had entrusted to Telegram years ago.

Lise Levitzky, here when she was 83, was Serge Gainsbourg's first wife.
Lise Levitzky, here when she was 83, was Serge Gainsbourg’s first wife. – Patrick Leroux/SIPA

Married in 1951, the couple had separated in 1957, before meeting again in 1968, when Gainsbourg had separated from Brigitte Bardot. It was during this period that the song Elisa had been written. The lovers had separated again “even if it is likely that their relationship continued punctually and discreetly”, specifies the Wikipedia file of the old painter.

The daughter of Russian immigrants had remarried. She had come to settle in Brittany many years ago. In 2010, she told her story in a book called Lisa and Luluprecise West France.

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