listen to his new single “Back That Up To The Beat”

listen to his new single “Back That Up To The Beat”

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2023 will undoubtedly be the year of Madonna’s comeback! In addition to celebrating her 40-year career with the gradual release of her cult albums, the Material Girl should finally release the biopic around his life that she stages, as well asa new album. And it is even rumored that a tour will soon be announced with, according to rumours, a possible visit to Paris La Défense Arena. Concerts that could attract a new audience since for the past few months, re-readings of Madonna’s hits have been a hit on TikTok. In remixed, sampled or unrecognizable versions, his hits “Frozen”“Material Girl” or “Hung Up” are getting new life through the app, prompting the popstar to offer clips under the titles “Gworrlllllll Material!” or “Hooked on Toschika”.

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Madonna finds Pharrell

Today, it’s a new, less well-known title that is starting to make the buzz: “Back That Up To The Beat”. A title with a turbulent history known to the greatest fans of the Madonna. Produced by Pharrell Williams, this song was originally written during the sessions for the album “Hard Candy” (2008) but was not retained for the final tracklist. Seven years later, the track made a comeback as one of the tracks that leaked well ahead of his album release. “Rebel Heart”before an official release as a bonus track from his latest album “Madame X”. On TikTok, it is the “demo” version dating from 2015, and therefore the recording sessions of “Rebel Heart”, which was favored by Internet users and which is officially released today on streaming platforms.

We find there the gimmicks of Pharrell Williams (the beginning in four beats), on this hybrid title filled with funk guitars and festive lyrics: I’ll drink Krug Ros and sometimes Lemon Drops / I’ll wear diamond grills and Louboutins a lot / Sometimes I can be extreme, I’ll never stop / Keep the party going, we’ll dance till we drop . Note that a “sped up” version (ie accelerated, a process that is strangely very popular on TikTok) is also available on Spotify.

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