Literary award for Adventure of the Angles: Heading for Russia and the Volga

Literary award for Adventure of the Angles: Heading for Russia and the Volga

From August to November 2019, before various crises rocked the planet, Adrien Clemenceau, the winner of the Adventure Book Award, embarked on a great trip to Russia by kayak to descend the Volga River, from its source to the Caspian Sea. The sea with the story of Alexandre Dumas as inspiration A trip to Russia. After 82 days and 3,500 kilometers of navigation, it crosses the entire Russian national river. “Even if I’ve been kayaking since childhood in Maine and the Loire, I’ve never covered thousands of kilometers at once, he admits. For my first major river trip, Russia imposed itself, also because I am learning its language. As for the idea of ​​following the Volga, it seemed to me the best way to get off the beaten track. Since the passage of Alexandre Dumas in 1858, in a steamship, Russia has been transformed. But the Volga remains that gigantic and powerful artery that would contain all the secrets of the Russian land and soul.”

Françoise, in charge of this activity within the adventure club, recently assembled a jury that largely approved this work over the other five finalists because “it is easy to read and well written. It connects to the original adventure enriched with many cultural contributions”.

It will be possible to meet Adrien Clemenceau and his book, In the arms of the Volga, a Russian adventurepublished by Éditions Transboréal, when he receives his prize at the next Festival de l’aventure from Wednesday 11 to Thursday 19 January 2023.

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