[Livre] A sad observation – Force Ouvrière

[Livre] A sad observation – Force Ouvrière

Urgency for a republican school – demand, justice, transfer, Camille Dejardin. Gallimard tracts, 59 pages, 3.90 euros.

Collection « Tracts it is intended as a platform for expressing opinions, starting a discussion that allows you to compare opinions and better understand the topic. In this issue, it is a view of the school, that of the Republic, which should teach and raise future free and equal citizens.

The author’s observation shows that we are far from the mark: 40 % of students do not have sufficient knowledge of the skills expected at the end of high school because deficiencies are allowed to deepen (no repetition, inventing skills cycles, etc.) ; 60 % of only high school graduates reach the bachelor’s level. France seems to be proud of its 90s % success at graduation but what a mess before and after !

Successive reforms have only widened the gap between the imposed elections and the needs on the ground. They show a lack of ambition and demands for future generations.

The current system maintains the illusion that everything is fine, while reproducing social inequalities and making vulnerable the generations it is supposed to raise, canceling the national character of education, establishing evaluation without specific learning (Grand oral).

The author proposes solutions: reduce the number of hours ; make groups of intermediate age levels with instruction, where the most advanced help the most with difficulties ; better target individual needs ; make a real distinction between learning and evaluation to allow time for learning and the right to make mistakes ; to assess at the right time an effective and strictly determined level ; restore the role of the teacher and improve his salary, his working conditions, demand disciplinary excellence and appropriate teaching methodology, promote effective recognition by hierarchy and society.

Because what is at stake is crucial: inculcating the ability to shape and formulate personal ideas, reasoning and sharpening the critical mind, opening up to the world, transmitting a common knowledge base for understanding the world, factors of emancipation and social cohesion.

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