Lizzo thinks ‘cancel culture’ has gone down the drain

Lizzo thinks ‘cancel culture’ has gone down the drain

For Lizzo, the cancel culture has become “a fad” and has completely moved away from the real problems it was initially addressing. “It may seem out of nowhere, but it weighs on my heart… Cancel culture is appropriation,” the artist wrote on Twitter.

“There were real outrages expressed by really marginalized people but now it’s become a misused and misdirected fashionable thing. I hope we can put an end to this and direct our outrage to the real issues. »


Words that have won the approval of many Internet users, some of whom have not hesitated to push the reflection of Lizzo a little further. “I don’t want people to get wiped off the map. I want people to be *held accountable* and face the consequences of their wrongdoings/crimes. Is it too much to ask? “, has commented an internet user. Another has close the diversion of the “cancel culture” to the misuse of the notion of ” wokism “You reminded me of how white nationalists appropriated the term ‘woke’ by instrumentalizing it against the community that coined it. »

It should also be noted that Lizzo’s comments came when she herself was a victim of the “cancel culture” to the point of having to change the lyrics of one of his songs.

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