Lm denounces a “horrible” chronicle

Lm denounces a “horrible” chronicle

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Linda de Suza left with her “cardboard suitcase” to the sky. The Franco-Portuguese singer, very weakened for years, died at the age of 74 as a result of respiratory failure aggravated by the contraction of Covid-19. The artist, known all over the world for her titles “The Portuguese”, “Tiroli-tirol” or “O malho malho”, had upset the French by recounting in 1984 her clandestine arrival, with her infant son, in her autobiography “The cardboard suitcase”, snatched two million copies after its appearance in the program “Champs-Elyses” by Michel Drucker. Very sad, the famous host of France 2 held salute his memory and his courage . She was a fighter, a rebel. She is the first Portuguese to become the idol of the Portuguese community in France he recalls.

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“A small strike of people”

While Linda de Suza will be buried this Friday, January 6 at the Grand Cimetire de Gisors, in Normandy, another special tribute is not unanimous. Monday January 2, in his column “L’oeil de Philippe Caverivire” on RTLthe humorist Philippe Caverivire returned to the news of the last few days and in particular the recent disappearances of several personalities, a small strike of people in a note tinged with black humor. They all left in the last days of 2022. And boom! Linda de Suza, 74, Benot XVI, 95… how Nazism preserves better than cod brandade he slipped, provoking laughter from his comrades in the studio. It’s a drama the disappearance of Linda de Suza because she was nice he then added: Above all, what’s sad is that behind there are going to be compilations coming out. Linda’s family laughed, because she said: “She was leaving 3 weeks earlier, that bitch, she was a hit for Christmas!” Never the sense of timing, Linda… Come on, let’s kiss her .

“She doesn’t deserve it!!!”

An ironic and provocative tone that did not please a famous listener at all: the singer lm. On his Instagram account, the interpreter of “Little sister”, again proven by the death of her husbandtook up the pen to denounce the chronicle of Philippe Caverivire. You are very funny but to call Linda de Suza a bitch when she has just died, there is more humor she believes, appalled that we lack respect for the singer who has just disappeared: I’m not looking for buzz, you have talent, but that’s too much. The compilation joke, ok, funny quickly. But the rest awful. You have to respect all the same, her family, her friends in pain and the Portuguese community who mourn her . Madame de Suza is not even buried yet!!! a voice lmfor whom the icon of portuguese song don’t deserve it!!! . A rant since deleted from his social networks.

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