Loana comes forward with her truth after causing a wave of concern

Loana comes forward with her truth after causing a wave of concern

On Saturday November 5, Matthieu Delormeau was at the head of the new issue of the magazine TPMP People (C8). During the show, the host told his columnists and viewers that Loana should have been present on the set. Winner of The story of the attic (M6) would cancel her appearance in the show at the last minute: it was enough to cause a wave of concern on social networks. Loana has indeed had health problems in recent years.

This Wednesday, November 9, Public magazine presented exclusive interview with the star. Without jargon, Loana looks at her personal situation and presents her truths without avoiding anything. In particular, she returns to the reason she canceled the visit TPMP People. “A few days earlier I went to Paris for an interview with Jordan De Luxe. And the train ride back to the Cote d’Azur stiffened my back. I’m coming off a herniated disc and it has revived her. I couldn’t move anymore. When they invited me, I replied that it was physically impossible, but that I would be happy to come next week“, she explains.

During this interview, Loana confides in complete transparency about her delicate financial health. “I’m in RSA today. I do some dedications on the Vidoleo site, but this monthly income is not great. It’s not easy every dayThe reality star also talks about her love life, looking back on her relationship with her ex, whom she did not hesitate to sue.

Watch the full exclusive interview with Loane for Public magazine by clicking this link.

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