Loana “just happy”: a new photo unveiled, a physical detail shocks

Loana “just happy”: a new photo unveiled, a physical detail shocks

Although it is a little more discreet, Struggle updates from time to time on Instagram. On December 8, 2022, for example, the winner of History of the loft (2001) posted a photo. And a detail caught the attention of his community.

The 45-year-old blonde wanted to give her news to her subscribers. Thus, on Thursday, she posted a selfie on which she appears in close-up, with a big smile. “Just happy. Big big kisses my darlings. My darlings just to remind you that if you want to make a personalized dedication from me to whoever you want or even yourself for any occasion or just to please. You can find me on the Vidoleo website“, can we read in the caption of the publication. But once again, Internet users were shocked by a detail.

It was Loana’s teeth that immediately caught the eye. “The dentures are not the right size”, “At the same time, if loana is not completely blind, she should see that this photo is really not to her advantage, I do not understand how she can publish such a photo”, “We sees the top of the dentures”, “But her dentures are above her lip?? But she really sees herself when she takes a picture or not because it sucks”, “Wow, don’t you have a promo code for your dentures?!”, “Were they second-hand veneers?“, we were able to read in particular.

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