Louane: Harassed by fans, the singer gives a huge rant!

Louane: Harassed by fans, the singer gives a huge rant!

By Marie Hervichon

– Published on 01 Jan 2023 at 12:15

Harassed by some admirers in the middle of a family outing, Louane wanted to put things straight on her networks!

Since she became mother of a little EsmeLouane works at all costs to protect her privacy. Moreover, the interpreter of Day 1 has never publicly revealed the face of his daughter, now two and a half years old. Unfortunately, her desire for discretion, some admirers and other curious little ones do not really conceive her. Recently, the young woman expressed her annoyance on social networks. “Today I was in Lourdes with my family. We were visiting the basilica when a family started following me and talking about me as if I wasn’t there. They started running, waiting to see me and taking pictures of me from afar. And when I asked not to have my picture taken from a distance (I was with my two year old daughter, I specify), I got yelled at ’cause you don’t see stars every day huh!’ And it’s me who then passes for a villain “she said.

Louane in the face of aggression

Appalled by the sometimes aggressive behavior of some, Louane thus continued: “So yes, maybe my job arouses an interest, on the other hand, I am not an animal and unless I am really pressed for time or alone with my daughter (whom I protect from photos etc), I do not never refuses a photo when asked nicely and politely”.

In addition, the artist felt obliged to recall that she is not closed to exchanges with her fans either. Only, it asks to be approached in a respectful manner. She added in this regard: A few seconds later, I took a picture with two lovely women who came to see me, Flo took our daughter further and I spent a little time with these two ladies. Please come and see me, I will always be kind and open, but don’t take a picture of me from afar, don’t yell at me. I am aware that I do my job thanks to you and I am really grateful for it, but I am not an animal and today I felt oppressed. »

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