Louane in turmoil, she recounts her big misadventure in Canada

Louane in turmoil, she recounts her big misadventure in Canada

The life of an artist has its share of advantages but also disadvantages. This Friday, December 16, Louane shared her journey to return to France, from Canada, with her daughter Esmée on Tik Tok

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The year 2022 of Louane was well filled. The young woman took her first steps as a model at Paris Fashion Week. Next to that, she returned to the cinema for a new role and traveled the roads to meet the public. The singer became a jury for children of the voice, while preparing the release of his new album. And his end of the year was also eventful on a personal level. While she and her daughter Esmée were in Montreal to visit his companion Florian Rossi, who was in concert in the Quebec city, the artist had a real misadventure to leave Canada, as she explained to her followers on Tik Tok following the trend “one thing about me”. This consists of recounting in song a moment of his life which most of the time has turned into a tragedy.

Missing passports

On November 26, Louane celebrated her 26th birthday. On this occasion, Florian Rossi organized a beautiful party for her and gave her a bag where she slipped all her most precious possessions before going back to bed. Only then, back after another concert by the artist, Esme’s mother realized that she had lost her gift… but not only. “I come home with my boyfriend and my daughter and the bag, placed on the stroller, falls without my seeing it, even though there was my passport and that of my daughter in it. We go down to the hotel reception to check the cameras, we see that I come in without the bag, we then decide to go back to the room to check their cameras and we notice that I still have the bag. We then spend the night looking for him, without result”she began to sing. Louane and Esmée thus found themselves stranded in Canada just a few days before the release of his new album, available now since December 9. The young dad had to leave his family to perform a concert in another city.

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Go to the police

Louane, unable to stay like this, went to the police station. “I went to the police who told me that I had to go to the consulate. I go there with a paper stating that my bag and my passports have disappeared”, she continued to tell. Only here, the little girl could not leave the territory without her father, already very far from Montreal. “I cried in front of the police, the consulate and the hotel”, then entrusted the one who had a difficult youth. Neither one nor two, Louane made many phone calls to Universal and some of his relatives in France to retrieve a list of papers requested by the Canadian authorities. Once things were done, another incident presented itself: she blocked her credit card during a shopping session and was unable to pay for his return tickets. “This is where I call Flo to give me his Miles so that I can accumulate them with mine.“, clarified the one who unveiled a new hair look. After several days of struggle, the mother-daughter duo was finally able to return home. A misadventure she will remember for a long time.

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Response to @Clara Bertram here it is, it’s the end but there were STILL adventures lol.. I literally spent 2 days crying and thanks to the lovely lady on the plane who helped me with Esmee 🥰

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