Louis swings on his Star Academy comrades: “Some were neither organized nor clean”

Louis swings on his Star Academy comrades: “Some were neither organized nor clean”

December 18, Louis of the star academy agreed to participate in the YouTube show Alix’s Click. In front of the videographer, the 20-year-old singer the revealed behind the scenes of telecrochet broadcast on TF1, in balancing on the hygiene and the behavior of certain candidates. About the technicians, who brought them their songs, but also the laundry, program finalist explained that he “there was also the cleaning that was done” within the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys.

“We thank the cleaning teams, because there are which were not very organized, nor clean”Louis said with a nervous laugh. “So, luckily they were there”added the Star Academy candidate, who recognizes “like everything to be tidy”. “I don’t know if you noticed but my bed was always made, very well drawn”, specified the young artist, emphasizing with amusement that he sometimes “to let go” and be a little less orderly. Telecrochet finalist did not, however, denounce the name of his little comrades a little lax on hygiene and storage. He then talked about how the participants in the program manage for food.

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Confidences of Louis on his eating habits at the castle

By explaining that it was often Tiana who was cooking for the small group, in the evening, Louis said that “at midday, there were meals which [leur] were given”. Describing themselves as someone “not complicated” in relation to food, the singer laughingly indicated that with Léa, they “were those who ate the most at the castle”. “It doesn’t necessarily show, because I’m pretty thin, but I eat as much as possible, all the time”, sincerely announced the finalist of the star academy, which had “often lazy to cook” and contented himself, in the evening, with leftovers. “It was a good strategy, I never had to cook”, he added on the sofa of the youtubeuse Alix Grousset.

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