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Louis T thought before agreeing to be on the same show as Julien Lacroix

Louis T thought before agreeing to be on the same show as Julien Lacroix

We learned this week that Julien Lacroix was going to give his first TV interview for a while on the show The world upside down.

Stéphan Bureau broached the subject with his panelists as soon as they arrived on set.

Comedian Louis T, a former colleague of Julien Lacroix, immediately expressed his discomfort with the situation. ” I won’t lie that it bothered me. I questioned myself a lot about his presence in the sense that: do I endorse his presence by being there? “, he says.

He then explains his decision to have agreed to participate in the show. “ I want to withdraw from this personal case there and talk about what I see, me generally, in society at the moment. What worries me or what bothers me in relation to that is not to know if a person can return or not is to minimize the actions of these people. I’m not saying he’s been convicted, he hasn’t had any criminal charges, but I feel like people need to defend the personalities they love by downplaying what it looks like she would have done, and that saddens me. »

He ends by saying: We are in an era where we denounce certain cases that deserve to be denounced. »

Juliette Lussier had this to say: I don’t wish Julien any harm, as a human I think he deserves a second chance, […] but I will obviously have a thought for the people who have not gone back on their testimony and to whom we will not offer a platform to express themselves either. »

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