Louise Attaque: “We were able to find the chemistry between us”

Louise Attaque: “We were able to find the chemistry between us”

Louise Hermant

My grandmother told me that a birthday is celebrated for a year”rejoices Gaëtan Roussel. Already celebrated during a salvo of free concerts last April, Louise Attaque’s 25th birthday is playing extra time. Why deprive yourself, after all: the success of their first record remains exceptional. It still holds the record for best-selling rock album in France. The title “I take you to the wind”, he continues to make appearances in today’s rankings.

But, rather than sticking to a reissue, the now trio reunited after a six-year hiatus to compose a new album, Earth . It is not a question here of environmental considerations, but rather of human relations. “Pas se voir” denounces the indifference in the face of the distress of some, “La Frousse” evokes the lack of self-confidence, while “My dear, today my dear” touches on gender identity. an opus “back to basics” for Gaëtan Roussel.

You took several long breaks during your journey with Louise Attaque. A way to continue the adventure without forcing yourself? To keep the pleasure of meeting again?

Louise Attaque is our backbone. We each have only one band, this one. Chances are that, on a regular basis, we want to get together. A long break allows us to come to terms with the present, to have new things to talk about. Getting together is not about kindly looking in the rearview mirror, even if it can be very pleasant and sweet. All the energy we put into Earth, we found it in our other projects, when we went elsewhere. The vases are not closed, they are communicating. These reunions were tender and studious.

How do you manage to separate your projects, to be sure not to do Gaëtan Roussel on Louise Attaque?

I can’t say it’s diametrically opposed. But it’s not difficult either. To find oneself as a group directs towards a state of mind, a choice, an intonation, a choice of notes. Together, the chemistry is not the same as solo, so neither is the writing. We’ve known each other for 25 years. Everyone has their story to tell in the group. I was very happy to find Arnaud and his violin. I don’t use this instrument, for example, in my solo career. It is rather singular and, there, there could be confusion of genres. Although it can happen because of my voice and my writing.

You also use a string orchestra on this disc. To further emphasize the signature of the group?

From the moment when each of us three has the feeling of being able to express ourselves, Robin Feix with his bass, Arnaud Samuel with his violin and me with my voice, everything that prolongs this expression is welcome. There is a piano solo on the first title, “Sortir de l’ordinary”, which is not customary for us. But it worked. And for the strings, they are closer to us. We wanted them to give us scope, more breadth. We hope that this above all underlines a certain freedom in the disc.

You have given yourself 25 days to write this album. Why give yourself such a constraint?

We know very well that constraint blocks or liberates. For us, that put us in a situation where we had to bounce back and choose quickly. We have already experienced moments when the inertia was crazy, but finally it was diluted in time. We no longer knew where we were going. Here, I don’t know if we made the right choices, but we had to do it quickly. We were able to quickly find this core. It takes a forward movement. In 25 days, we forged the backbone of all the songs on the disc.

You, the big fans of acoustics, leaned towards more electric sounds this time.

In our third album, See you later crocodile, there was also a lot of electricity. Here, it was not the will. It was rather to find our systematisms, our fluidity of the beginning. Turns out the sound leaned a bit more electric than acoustic. But I find that this disc is closest to the first album in the simplicity of writing and its more direct approach. We were able to find the chemistry between us. There are few elements in this disc. We didn’t want to do like on our last one, where there were many tracks.

In concert on 03/22/2023 at Forest National (Brussels).

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