Love is in the meadow: Alain (season 17) breaks the silence and announces horrible news

Love is in the meadow: Alain (season 17) breaks the silence and announces horrible news

On December 31, the Auvergne farmer Alain, revealed in season 17 of Love is in the meadow, revealed that his four dogs were taken care of by a veterinarian, after suffering a mysterious poisoning. This Wednesday, January 4, Alain came out of silence, the news is not good.

The end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023 will probably not leave a good memory to Alain, the Auvergne farmer revealed by season 17 of Love is in the meadow. He who had lost several of his dogs in the fire that had ravaged his farm a few years ago faces a new difficult test. The one who had seduced the sweet Jean-Noël and the volcanic Alain spoke in Instagram story, the evening of the 31st, looking worried. He revealed that his dog Oki had been taken to the vet, suddenly ill. The next day, his three other female dogs had shown the same symptoms. The vet was doing her best. to save the doggies, by treating them with vitamin K1. Enough to suspect that Alain’s dogs had been victims of poisoning. However, it is impossible at this time to know the circumstances of the tragedy.

“The veterinarian is formal”

Since then, Alain’s subscribers, who know only too well the facetious quartet of dogs very present on the account, have been desperately waiting for good news from the farmer. But the longer Alain took to emerge from the silence, the more hope for a happy ending dwindled. This Wednesday, January 4, Alain ended up appearing, in story the face defeated by grief. He first wanted to wish a happy new year to his subscribers, but the heart was clearly not there.

I’m also here to push a little rant, the four dogs have been poisoned, the vet is formal, with rat poison or that kind of thing, we don’t know. So I lost Stari yesterday morning, we treated her too late or we didn’t see fast enough, and now she didn’t survive“. The video is interrupted before the farmer has been able to give the reasons for his anger but we imagine that the Auvergne suspects a malicious act. A revolting gesture that will not fail to outrage all animal friends…

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