Love is in the meadow: as a couple, Laura sends a clear message to Alexandre and Annaïg

Love is in the meadow: as a couple, Laura sends a clear message to Alexandre and Annaïg

Love is in the meadow Season 17 has come to an end, and the toll revealed what had happened to the farmers tracked throughout the fall. And if Alexandre and his suitor Annaïg are now swimming in happiness, it is to the detriment of the latter’s rival, Laura. But this one seems to have also found a shoe that fits.

On his official Instagram account, for several weeks, Laura, Alexandre’s hyper, hyper sensitive suitor of Love is in the meadow organized a debriefing session on Tuesday evening, after watching the Monday programme. It was important for Laura to give her own version of the facts and to denounce “lies” of Alexandre, the one who had nevertheless, for a time, made his heart beat. But on October 12, Laura announced that this weekly meeting around the M6 ​​show was going to end. The day before, we had indeed attended his departure under high tension from the Norman farmer. A departure that took place after the debacle of the family couscous, that the young woman had fled, victim of an anxiety attack. Laura had not hidden her relief to see this chapter of her life closing, especially since a pretty story seemed to open her arms…

“With this meeting I feel myself, I feel understood. (…) I do not see the time passing, I’m laughing, I’m happyI ask myself no questions. I really like his humor, his personality, the fact that he doesn’t care about other people’s eyes. I don’t make a plan but in fact I think about it a lot because it was very pleasant”, confessed Laura who then described herself as “Single but with a person in mind”.

Without detour Laura speaks to Alexandre and Annaïg

And the mourning of the love affair with Alexandre seems well and truly done. On her Instagram account, the young woman mentioned this meeting, which has since become an idyll. Hay of nostalgia, Laura expressed in a post her feelings with frankness and sincerity: “It is time for me to close this chapter of my life. It has been a unique adventure, rich in emotions and which has allowed me to learn a lot about myself, my character, my personality, my limits, my evolution”, she began before adding to the attention of his old flame who had revealed, during the balance sheet, to have no more news : “I’m happy for Alexandre and Annaïg, May they be happy!”

Laura then spoke to the one she nicknamed her “little darling” and she wanted to thank him: “for all that it brings me on a daily basis, his attentions, his gentleness, his benevolence, his joie de vivre, he fills my heart every day with happiness, tenderness and love.Never forget to be yourself and to live each moment intensely without worrying about what others may think, live your life to the fullest and with “I love” daily“, she said, showing there thatshe had not missed anything of the mockery of Karine Le Marchandbut that she did not hold it against him. Love in the meadow and beyond…

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