loves, Chiara Mastroianni, (famous) sister, children, Argentina, life in the South… Know everything

loves, Chiara Mastroianni, (famous) sister, children, Argentina, life in the South… Know everything

Benjamin Biolay, who turns 50 on January 20, has forever marked the history of French music. Both mysterious and accessible, the singer has a famous sister, has had romances with women well known to the public, leads a squabble against Polnareff and shares his life between several places (in the world)… Discover his secrets.

Benjamin Biolay celebrates his 50th birthday on January 20! What do you know about the mysterious singer with the rebellious wick? His childhood, his (many) places of residence, the women in his life, his children, his squabble with Michel Polnareff. Discover the secrets of the dark artist’s life…

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What are the origins of Benjamin Biolay?

Benjamin Biolay grows with two sisters, raised by his parents. His mother is the granddaughter of Joseph Opinelfounder of the Opinel knife factory. As for his fatherhe is a supervisor at the MNEF, but also an amateur clarinetist and plays in the municipal orchestra. Among the Biolays, the musical fiber is hereditary!

Who is Benjamin Biolay’s famous sister?

One of Benjamin Biolay’s two sisters, Coralie Clementfollowed in her brother’s footsteps and got into music. The 44-year-old is a singer who has already released five albums. Since 2015, the young woman in a relationship with the composer of film music Marc Chouarain, took a break in her career. But his return to the front of the stage could be imminent…

Where did Benjamin Biolay grow up?

The singer, born in Villefranche-sur-Saône, in the Rhônedon’t forget where it comes from. “I loved my city of Lyon. I thought it was a beautiful place, a big city with a provincial mentality, in a good way. If you ask someone in Lyon the time, they will answer you. In Paris… not necessarily. So when I had to go it freaked me out“, he told the time.

Why did Benjamin Biolay settle in Paris?

It was to begin his career as a singer that he based in Pariswhere he was able to sign his first contract with a record company… But Benjamin Biolay did not never really felt at homein the capital, he explained to the time : “It was never love at first sight. But I became very charmed by Paris the day my first daughter (Anna, 19, born of her former love with Claire Mastroiannieditor’s note) was born there“. And to detail: “My daughter is a ‘Left Bank Parisienne’, a real one. And I’ve seen Paris as my daughter’s city for seventeen years. The 6th, I am attached to it precisely because she grew up not far“.

Where does Benjamin Biolay live?

From now on, the interpreter of Your Legacy live part of the year Buenos Aires, in Argentina. A welcome respite. “No one knows my face there“, he had let go at the time. Above all, it is in this city that lives her daughterat a young age, whose existence he had revealed a few years ago, without revealing the identity of his mother.

But Benjamin Biolay also shares his life between Paris and Sète, in Occitanie, where he has a “barrack“on Mount St. Clair.”It is a small house made in the tradition, with two rooms and sand between the walls to cool the house. Some transform their barracks into an architect’s house, mine remains in its own juice. I just painted it a little. I meet friends and family there. It’s a very inspiring place“, he had explained to the Sunday newspaper.

Who were the women in Benjamin Biolay’s life?

Discreet about his private life, the singer has however assumed certain relationships in broad daylight. At the end of the 90s, the singer formed the music group Shelby with, among others, the artist Keren Ann. For a while, the two formed a couple. Today, they are still on good terms. “For me, it’s a bit like Paul and John (Lennon/McCartney) on a very small scale: we are inseparable. We still had some tough times because we were a couple at one time. But it all held up well in the end and we never stopped making music together.“, he had explained to the Madame Figaro.

In 2002, he said “yes” to the actress and daughter of Catherine Deneuve, Claire Mastroianniat the town hall of the 6th arrondissement of Paris. In 2003, they became parents to little Anna, but broke up a few years later. In 2014, he formalized his relationship with Vanessa Paradis. A romance that lasted a few years.

Is Benjamin Biolay on good terms with Chiara Mastroianni?

Chiara Mastroianni will always have a special place in Benjamin Biolay’s heart. Even today, the former lovebirds see each other regularly. Chiara is the woman of my life, my half, from a certain point of view. (…) We need each other. (…) We remain a family“, he assured Marie Claire in 2016.

Does Benjamin Biolay have children?

Benjamin Biolay is father of a young girl, named Louisewho resides in Argentina, whose mother would be the Peruvian-born musician, Sofia Wilhelmi. But the singer never confirmed his identity. he is also Anna’s fatherborn in 2003 from his love with Chiara Mastroianni. “The world constantly reminds her that she is the daughter of Chiara, the granddaughter of Catherine Deneuve and Marcello Mastroianni, but she is also my daughter and the granddaughter of the Biolay grandparents who live in Beaujolais. She is fully aware of these more provincial and more popular roots“, he had explained to Paris Match.

Benjamin Biolay VS Polnareff: a war

The artist sometimes shares his annoyanceabout the attitude of Michel Polnareff ! “The United States hurt him. While he is one of the greatest in this country. Instead of sh*ting on the songs of Pascal Bishophe should have tried to make a good one with him. In the end, the guy started singing in front of the Sacred Heart and he ended up shopping in tracksuits at Whole Foods“, he had lambasted with the time.

Two years later, in December 2022, Benjamin Biolay had insisted on his disenchantment with the singer: “It wasn’t cool at all with my favorite studio in the world, in Brussels, Studios ICP, that John, the boss, is someone who takes great care of the artists, really. He was very, very mean“. That is what is said..

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