Ludovic Valiente (Big Families) talks about his touching meeting with his mother after their fight

Ludovic Valiente (Big Families) talks about his touching meeting with his mother after their fight

Three weeks after their arrival in Big families, life in XXL on TF1, the Valientes agreed to share their journey since filming ended. And apparently good news knocked on their door!

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A family that takes pictures of nature… and we love it! On November 28, six new tribes they joined the 6th season Big families, life in XXL, has been airing every night on TF1 since the end Star Academy. Among them, viewers could discover the busy everyday life Brave, a family where Ludovic and Céline are the happy parents of 9 children, Zoé, 15, Jordan, 13, Lola, 12, Alicia, 10, Clara, 9, Nolan, 7, Liam, 5, Joy, 2 years and Mila, 7 months . And this XXL family choice he was not unanimous among Valiente. During the first episode, Ludovic, survival instructor 38, he found that his mother no longer spoke to him because of the number of his children. Asked about this by TV for 2 weeksexplorer dad gave us some good news!

“The broadcasting did not allow it”

To the question “Did the show cause your mother to call or text you?”, Ludovic did not have time to answer that Céline, overjoyed, answered: – Yes, he has been talking to his mother since the end of filming! And Ludovic explains in detail: “The broadcasting did not allow it. She is obviously very moved by what she sees now, but it is not the cause. She heard things on television that we didn’t necessarily say out loud to each other, it would allow us to talk to each other again anyway. Afterwards, he has his experience on his side… I don’t want to go into details,” Ludovic confides to us, not hiding his joy.

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Ludovic Valiente found his mother by accident

When they didn’t speak for several years, Ludovic was surprised when he met his mother at the bend in the street: It was real fate, it surprised everyone, it’s really a pure case. It wasn’t calculated, we happened to meet on the street. One thing leads to another… And seeing us on television confirms everything”, he explains touched. And to conclude about his mother’s return to his life: “It was done before airing so it also confirms to us that that’s not what made her come back to us. She was very touched. And so were we.” All is well. It ends well!

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