M6 will launch a new daily game of musical blind tests

M6 will launch a new daily game of musical blind tests

Lovers of musical blind tests, M6 is preparing a new show for you. According to our information, the channel has entrusted its subsidiary Studio 89 with the production of a new daily game. This is the French adaptation of “The Hit List”, a British format already available in Finland and the Netherlands. In this program, broadcast in the United Kingdom on BBC One since 2019, tandems of candidates must decide between them by recognizing pieces of music or clips as quickly as possible.

Filming is in full preparation for a broadcast in the spring. Neither the French name of the game nor its host have yet been chosen by the management of the Six. Only certainty, this program of several weeks is intended to be broadcast every day, at the end of the day.

With “The Hit List”, M6 hopes to boost its pre-evenings whose audiences are eroding. After the announcement by Nicolas de Tavernost, the big boss of the M6 ​​group, of the start of a daily soap opera, the channel will therefore tackle a genre with which it is little associated.

Last summer, she bet on “Who can beat us? »a general knowledge quiz pitting 6 personalities from the channel against 100 anonymous candidates. A first noticed by 2.1 million viewers, or 13.1% of the general public (and 25.2% of women purchasing managers). Already recorded, a second number is awaiting programming.

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