Macron surrendered during the “Rencontres du Papotin”

Macron surrendered during the “Rencontres du Papotin”

You took me to places where I have not been in other interviews with other journalists, said the president after answering the questions of the Papotina newsroom, which consists of about fifty journalists with autism spectrum disorders.

Several questions revolve around his love affair with Brigitte Macron: “the principle of love is that everything is possible,” said Emmanuel Macron. “it falls on you […]. It is something that is stronger than you and that surpasses you”.

He admitted that his parents “misunderstood” this relationship at first. “It redoubled my desire to pursue my path,” he added.

Adrien was very direct: “He’s the president, he has to lead by example and he can’t marry his teacher”. But “when you’re in love, you don’t choose”, Mr Macron argued, recalling that Brigitte was his theater teacher – “that doesn’t count”. “Malignant! “He hugged the journalist close to him, laughing loudly.

The president admitted that on a personal level, his greatest fear “was the disappearance of his loved ones.” Sébastien surprised him by asking him “if he misses his grandmother Manette”. “Yes, because she took a lot of care of me when I was little and a teenager,” Macron said.

“Do you have a lot of money? »

Reciting Verlaine’s poem, listening to the press take on “I would have liked to be an artist”, he returned with Julien to his two failures in the competition for the École Normale Supérieure, admitting that he was “irritated not to succeed”.

“But when I look back, there are people who worked a lot harder than me to get it. […]. I spent more time doing theater, I went to the theater – he admitted. – Besides, I was too in love to be serious.

“Do you have a lot of money? ” Grégory asked openly. “Frankly, I had more before I became president,” he replied.

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