Maes: his manager shot in the heart, what happened

Maes: his manager shot in the heart, what happened

By Carla Biancarelli

– Published on Dec 23, 2022 at 11:36 am

This Thursday, December 22, we learned of the death of Batzo, the manager of rapper Maes. The latter would not have survived a gunshot wound. But what really happened?

In 2022, Maes has been talked about a lot, and not just for his music. Indeed, audios of the rapper claiming to have slept with Maeva Ghennam had shaken the Web. The influencer subsequently denied and the artist, married and father of a family, also returned to his remarks. But Internet users remain skeptical about this story. A few months later, the young man is again on the front page after the leak of a video of rare violence. In which the blogger Aqababe was kidnapped by the star and his team. Very shocking images from 2018. But the end of the year promises to be much more disastrous for Maes… This Thursday, December 22, 2022, we learn that his manager was shot and killed. The facts would have taken place in Seine-et-Marne, on December 16th.

Was Maes targeted?

The Parisian revealed that Batzo, whose real name is Batiré Mendy, had taken a bullet in the heart, before losing control of his car and crashing into three vehicles in the center of Gournay-sur-Marne in Seine-et-Marne. According to the newspaper, the man was shot dead while driving his Peugeot 3008. Unfortunately Maes’ 37-year-old manager did not survive. The newspaper also collected the testimonies of people on the spot at the time of the events. According to them, two individuals on scooters were following the manager on the road. This Friday, December 23, 2022, the young rapper posted a rather clear message, which he has since deleted. “Showing your emotions in front of people is like bleeding next to a shark”he wrote.


In the process, his best enemy Booba reacted by tackling him again: “You have become a poet, Georgey. You have been known to be more fierce”. While last January, several vehicles were burned on the shooting the title clip Kalenji of Maes. It was rumored that the young people of the city of Beaudottes in Sevran had not appreciated the presence of the rapper. In the process, the artist would have fled to Dubai with his partner and his children, until the situation calms down. It was around this time that he reportedly left his label and his production team. A few months later, in December, his manager Batzo was murdered. The police have opened an investigation for “organized gang murder”. It remains to be seen whether this execution has a link with the artist. Anyway, the NextPlz team sends its condolences to Maes as well as to Bazto’s family and loved ones.

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