Maeva Ghennam got pregnant: why did she choose to tell everything?

Maeva Ghennam got pregnant: why did she choose to tell everything?

Of Maeva Ghennam, we know a lot of things, but the influencer does not display all the men who have entered her life. In a Snapchat story, the reality TV candidate surprised by revealing that she had become pregnant.

The only romantic relationship that Maeva Ghennam has shared with her audience is her story with Greg Yega. Difficult to do otherwise when you know that they were both in front of the cameras of the show The Marseillais Asian Tourin 2019. Since then, the reality star has not appeared close to another man on social networks. And yet, at least one has turned her daily life upside down since she has just revealed on Snapchat thatshe got pregnant.

On May 9, 2022, she had posted an intriguing photo on her Snapchat account: a pregnancy testfollowed by the statement “The two of us”. Ultimately, she revealed that she thought she was denying her pregnancybefore doing a negative test. But Thursday, January 12, 2023on his account SnapchatMaeva Ghennam confided in her subscribers like never before. While was going to talk about a hair product to her community, showing her hairline and saying she needed a serum to regrow it, she explained why his people had fallen

“I got pregnant”

“I can’t tell you why I got holes… In fact if I don’t care, I no longer hide anything from you. In fact I got pregnant and the hormones made me lose the little hair here”, writes the young influencer. If her pregnancy was not carried to term, she does not reveal anything about the events that happened. Voluntary termination of pregnancy or miscarriage? The mystery remains.

A month ago, when visiting hospitalized children, she confided, however, to her niece dreaming of being a mother and had even already chosen the future first name of her daughter ! “I will call her Irina“, she had revealed to her niece, all moved, before adding: “I yearn too much, I want a girlI’m eager to. It will be your little sister. We’ll dress her up, we’ll put little pink barrettes on her… We’ll do her hair, she’ll be so beautiful!“All that remains is to find the dad.

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