Maeva Ghennam still disappoints Greg and becomes the laughingstock of social networks! – Tuxboard

Maeva Ghennam still disappoints Greg and becomes the laughingstock of social networks! – Tuxboard

This year in the Cross, the attitude of Maeva Ghennam disappoints the old ones like Julien Tanti and Greg. He can’t stand it anymore!

Nothing is going well between Maeva Ghennam and Greg Yega. While they had nevertheless made peace in Les Cinquante, their relationship took a hit in the Cross. The Marseillais has more and more difficulty to support the behavior of the bimbo.

The attitude of Maeva Ghennam annoys the fratés

Maeva Ghennam continues to disappoint the team of Marseilles. Especially since she betrayed Julien Tanti by doing everything possible to put Noré center stage. Indeed, she managed to convince Océane El Himer to vote for Kamila’s husband. This is what disappointed the Marseillais candidate who confided: “It’s a cold shower for the frate. I only got two votes. Océane and Maeva betrayed me, they weren’t able to tell me things to my face. For me, there are only traitors, I am really disgusted”,

In shock, Julien Tanti therefore decided to leave the adventure. And Maeva Ghennam regretted her choice: “ Julianhe is stubborn, he is narrow-minded, he no longer listens to anything. He doesn’t want to talk to me. But here, I do not assume at all. I feel so bad! In fact, I made a big mistake. The former Marseillais resented him. This is the case of Greg who does not digest this betrayalnot. So he wrote this message on Instagram: “It’s called friends, it’s restaurants, but it hurts the back! Lawless aren’t they @julientantiplein.

This could well break the relationship between Maeva Ghennam and Greg Yega. What a pity when we know that they have made peace in Les fifty. They were even inseparable. Maeva Ghennam even expressed her sadness when he left the adventure. She wanted revenge until the end. Greg was very happy to find his bimbo.

An argument that hurts in Le Cross

The young man is very proud of it: “In Les Cinquante, we managed to recreate an osmosis with Maeva. He is an important person for me. We started the adventures together. Today we are two people who love each other. Maeva and I have experienced something strong “, he confided to Télé-Loisirs. However, Greg is no longer in love with Maeva Ghennam :

She’s my friend, my sister, I love her. We became very good friends, I would say it’s my partner today. I have no ulterior motives when I speak with Maeva (…). They say that sometimes friendship sometimes ends in love, but not the opposite, there, we managed to change the codes”. Yes, but here it is… While they were at peace, Greg was very disappointed with Maeva Ghennam. IThey argued again after losing a moving battle. The friend of Julien Tanti quarrelsome.

So you can imagine his reaction when he started losing his calm when he saw Maeva Ghennam struggling to find a rope. This last did not accept his angere : “ Well learn then “replied Greg Yega. “I’m not going to do it, I’m a star “, then replies Maeva Ghennam. Greg is fed up with his behavior of Star. And he let her know. So he replied: Yeah, you’re the star of my ass”. It is therefore a sequence that amused Internet users!

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