MAINTENANCE. Gers: Patrick Coutin, the author of “I like watching girls”, talks about his hit and his news

MAINTENANCE. Gers: Patrick Coutin, the author of “I like watching girls”, talks about his hit and his news

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The author of “I like watching girls”, a timeless hit from the 80s, will go on stage in Duran, near Auch, tomorrow evening on the occasion of the first edition of the “Le Son de la Nuit” festival. Maintenance.

Singer and musician Patrick Coutin will be on stage at the neo-festival “Le Son de la Nuit” this Saturday evening in Duran. The performer of the famous hit “I like watching girls” will be the headliner of this first Gers festival. He talks about his news but also his pleasure to come to the Gers.

Patrick Coutin, can we talk about your news apart from your visit to the “Le Son de la Nuit” Festival this Saturday evening?

Apart from the concerts because we were able to resume the post-Covid road, I left at the end of March to record a new album in Austin called “The Invisible Man” which will be released in March 2023. We have already released a first clip and a first single which is called “The walk of Jesus Cat”. A second will be released in early October and one is a bit topical because it talks about global warming. When I wrote this song I said that this apocalypse was silent and invisible and between the recording and today the thing became very visible and noisy. Otherwise on tour, I play Friday in La Rochelle, Saturday next to Auch then Sunday for the Fête de l’Humanité.

We also imagine that in your set, the song “J’aime… look at girls” is a must?

You can’t get away from a song like this. It came out in 1981 so it’s already been 42 years old and the funniest thing is that every summer it comes out. It’s obviously a piece that hides the rest a bit and that’s still a problem in itself, but it’s still fun to play and this piece has an extraordinary life. It appeals to all generations and it is a pleasure to perform this song in concert. By way of comparison, it’s more difficult to play “Make me come”, especially when you play it in front of children. There’s a weird side to it.

42 years later, does Patrick Coutin enjoy watching girls walking on the beach so much?

I’m afraid so. I have become a disgusting old man (laughs). I was raised in a family of women with 3 sisters… All girls and I work with a lot of women like my drummer or my manager… I have a life with a lot of female guardian angels who have always taken care of my nobody. With all this, looking at the girls is the least of it.

Let’s talk a bit about the Gers. What ties do you have with the department and what do you know about this neo-festival?

My ties are above all the fact that I love the Gers. One day, a gentleman from Auch contacted me about a new festival which took up the theme of a famous club in Auch called “La nuit” and he said to me: this emblematic place made us dance and we would like you to come. It does not refuse this kind of proposals. It should be noted that they are not professionals but they are all enthusiasts. It’s going to be a very beautiful festival with magnificent posters, a full festival with shuttles. A big fan of rugby, it’s true that I’ve always seen Auch as a rugby town and I’ve always associated the town with that. With “Le Son de la Nuit”, I think it’s a festival that exudes happiness.

The night: the spirit of a mythical “box” resurrected

The bet won for the Le Son de La Nuit festival, which quickly found takers for some 1,700 tickets put on sale at the start of the summer. The objective for the organizers: “to relaunch rock music in the Auch and Duran sector”, but also to revive the spirit of the Night, a nightclub located in Duran and popular with all Auscitaine youth until the 90s. The establishment played rock music and was also a concert hall. At the start of the 1980s, the hit “I like to watch girls” made Gers revelers wiggle their hips there. In short, a return to the future.

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