Manon compared to this famous Disney character

Manon compared to this famous Disney character

Manon continues to surprise Internet users and of course Nagui, each day a little more amazed by the journey of her Maestra. The candidate well on her way to marking the history of Don’t forget the lyrics proves on a daily basis that her revisions over several years to integrate the show have not been in vain. Indeed, she confided in an interview with our colleagues from Télé-Loisirs: “I really started to revise five years ago. Afterwards, it’s in waves depending on the occupations, my desires. We’ll say that for three years, it’s really very active. Whatever happens, a a little every day, a lot on weekends. It’s a daily job”.

“You have to go to the bell and Manon did it!”

At the beginning of January, Manon beat a record previously held by Margaux, the number 1 in Nagui’s game. The latter had managed to ring 6 bells in a row, and Manon obtained one more, thus beating the record for the greatest champion of Do not forget the lyrics. Nagui did not fail to underline this feat: “I forgot something anyway: record of bells. No candidate has indeed had seven bells in a row, well done!”. And Manon did not stop there since she continues again and again to ring the bells of the musical game of France 2. Internet users have therefore decided to give her a nickname in a nod to her exploits.

“27th Tinkerbell in 33 victories, Manon is really Tinkerbell”began a Twitter. And many more to continue: “I suggest Manon the fairy because you have to go as far as the bell and Manon did it!”, “A real Tinkerbell”, “And the umpteenth bell for Manon”, “The Tinkerbell has struck again”, ” Go a little bell and more!” but also “New bell bravo Manon”. Still on the blue bird social network, a user then questioned the candidate’s number of bells in a row to find out if she had not reached a new stage in the game. “Did someone count the number of consecutive bells? Didn’t she break her own record?” he wrote. And a user to answer him in the negative: “She didn’t go as far as the bell on La chanson des Restos on Saturday, interrupting her series!”. And the first of retorted: “Ah yes! I had zapped so much she had impressed me by going far on it!”. A Twitter user rather a fan of Nagui’s show even launched a poll… He asked other users of the social network: “Do you think that Manon, the current maestro, will break the record for bells on the same song held by Margaux?”. Have.

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