“Many are impostors”: Maxime Dereymez gives his opinion on Yanis Marshall at Star Academy

“Many are impostors”: Maxime Dereymez gives his opinion on Yanis Marshall at Star Academy

Known as one of the iconic riders of Dance with the starsMaxime Dereymez keeps an expert eye on the star academy and the paintings proposed by Yanis Marshall, the new dance teacher. A character whose credibility he validated on the set of At Jordan’s.

“I would have kept the teachers”. Alexia Laroche-Joubert did not take the side roads to give its opinion on the new version of the star academy. To replace Armande Altai, Raphaelle Ricci and the others, the production of the tele-hook bet on personalities unknown to the general public. This is the case of Yanis Marshall, who had to take up the difficult mission of succeeding the beloved Kamel Ouali. A challenge all the more difficult as this lover of street jazz evolved in the troupe of his eldest. But, in a few weeks, the choreographer has put everyone in his pocket between his art of dancing in stiletto heels, his unfiltered reactions and his connections with big names in the artistic world.

However, there were many of them who were able to ogle this place of teacher at the castle, starting with all the riders of Dance with the stars. The name of Denitsa Ikonomova was once mentionednot that of Maxime Dereymez, who has nevertheless drawn a line under the TF1 competition. “You have to know how to move on after eleven seasons. To evolve, you have to get out of your comfort zone. explained the former partner of Shy’m on the set of At Jordan’s.

“I think he’s a real character”

A program during which he also gave his opinion on his colleague from the star academy. And he completely validates this choice! “Yanis he’s great, I watched the first show, I’ve known him for quite a while and he’s an international figure, who is known all over the world”, he points out. Before continuing his opinion with words of praise: “I think he’s a real character, he’s believable, he’s not an impostor, there are a lot of people on TV who are impostors”. We can count on Maxime Dereymez to wiggle but not to throw names.

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